Saturday, December 17, 2016

Gold Chilli @ SS15 Review (Halal)

If you Google 'good food SS15', chances are you came across this restaurant at one point. In fact, it is so rave upon that if you search specifically for it, you'll see 'best butter milk chicken' plastered all over it. The good news is, it's Halal so you can bring your Muslim friends here. But is it really that good? I decided to give it a try when I went to Subang SS15 a while ago.

When we arrive, the shop is already packed to the brim. But lucky for us, there happened to be a 2 seat table free after 10 minutes.There is a lot of food to choose from on the menu, including all types of rice and noodles and of course a good variety of stir fry dishes. You can view their menu on Zomato site.

Since we are here, it's a must to try their famous butter milk chicken. I wanted to order sambal ikan bakar as well but unfortunately they don't serve it at that time. So we settled for Mongolia beef instead. We also ordered kangkung belacan for some extra fibre in our diet.

Boneless butter milk chicken RM9

The butter milk chicken has enough sweetness and creaminess for you to ask for more. The sauce goes extra well with rice, so you might see people around you scraping the plate clean. It's pretty decent for me, but I personally think it'll do well with more seasoning. Maybe a tad more garlic and curry leaves with give it more depth. At the moment it's nice on its own but the creaminess makes you feel satiated a bit too fast, giving you the 'muak' feeling. Do order the boneless version as it makes eating much more enjoyable.

Mongolia beef RM9.50

If you are wondering what is mongolia beef, it's basically black pepper gravy with onion and bell pepper cooked with beef slices. This dish is not too bad as well, the pepper is just enough to give it more fragrance and a kick when you eat this. The portion is good as well, in fact way more than what we were served for the butter milk chicken.

 Kangkung Belacan RM6

Kangkung belacan on the other hand, is heavily belacan-ed. If you love the funky savoury taste of belacan, this is definitely for you. But if you are more used to the mild-belacan-added-to-oyster-sauce type of kangkung belacan, this will be way too overpowering.

Overall, I think the food are pretty decent and the price is rather reasonable for Subang standard. If you are looking for Halal chinese style stir fry, this place will be for you. But I wouldn't call the butter milk chicken the best I ever had, and probably won't travel all the way just to have it again since I can cook decent butter milk chicken myself.

Food         ★★★★☆ (Above average)
Service     ★★★★☆ (Speedy service)
Value for Price ★★★✭☆ (Decent priced for Halal chinese food)
Ambience ★★☆☆☆ (Crowded and table sharing is common)
Special note: Halal 
5, Ground Floor,
Jalan SS 15/8B, SS 15,
Subang Jaya, Selangor
Closed Sundays


  1. The food looks good.. Now only I know it's halal.. Not easy to find halal chinese food de

  2. first time knowing this restaurant. seems really not bad yay

  3. that is some pretty interesting looking and delicious lookin dishes... will check it out when I go to subang...

  4. The butter chicken looks delicious. Price is affordable to me too.

  5. ohh..all the food are my favoutrite ~ can go along with my malay friends

  6. Good that it is halal. Honestly, that one of the issue of many Muslim visitors here in Manila because finding a halal restaurant is a challenge.

  7. These dishes are so wholesomely delicious. I don't know where is the location, so may need a local friend to take me around. Thanks for pointing Gold Chilli out to me!!

  8. milk chicken sounds tasty and look delicious. But it's too little for the price & size

  9. This is my first time get to know about this restaurant. Thanks for the intro, will check it out when i am at SS15.

  10. The Boneless butter milk chicken is always my favourite! =D

  11. The dishes you ordered look really yummy! The prices are affordable too

  12. The boneless butter chicken looks really good. I didn't know about this place, but it will certainly be one of my go to when I want to try something new :)

  13. Everything looks perfect and just nice! I love that is it halal and price is really affordable too =D

  14. it looks nice and the price is affordable, suitable for many Malays friends, can intro to them :)

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