Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Going back to Miri this friday night =)

Am very very impatient... Missed my family, my doggies (thought they're being very very disobedient recently), my friends, my band, my piano and of course my number 1 best miaw friend xP

Too bad there won't be any band practices coz of the exams... Haih.. Missed band terribly after watching national competition.. Really, once a CH member, forever a CH member.. No matter how long I din go back, no matter what happened before, I still miss band lots when I saw the other bands practicing hard.. Is there a way I can get involved in marching band once again? Envy some of my friends who go back to their band and teach ><

Missed some other friends too.. Too bad sarawak is too big, while kuching and miri is at the very end opposite to each other.. The time we can spend together is always so short! Sobs...

Take care timmy! Aunty don wanna see you sick ler >< Get well soon! Hugs...

Miao, you take care of yourself well too k? The weather's terribly hot these days.. Drink more water yea.. =)

And to all others, flu's everywhere! Take care of yourselves yea! Wash your hands, wear mask, and eat your veggie!

P.s. Miao, WASH YOUR HANDS before meal!!! Hahaha!