Friday, February 10, 2017

Alpaca Lovers? Hoodie Review - Introducing British Fashion Baker St.

Alpacas are adorable and I'm sure many of us actually loves them a lot. But do you know that alpacas inspired a group of local British artists based in London, UK to create their own fashion brand?
Introducing British fashion Baker St.! Being one of the best selling authentic T-shirt brand in UK and America, they are famous for their unique hand drawn designs which of course includes our favourite alpacas and many more trendy prints!

When I first visited the website, I was blown away by how many cute prints they have on their website. Other than their primary concept, the alpacas (which are creatively designed), they also carries skull series and animal series which are both absolutely fashion friendly. The best part is, they have T-shirts, hoodies, tank tops and sweaters, which make them great for every weather! I also love how they focus on simplicity by providing the basic wardrobe necessities - grey, black and white colour shirt for their everyday usability. After a series of dice rollings and coin flipping, I finally made up my mind to get a alpaca hoodie with a Harry Potter twist.

I was totally in love when I received my Harry Alpotter hoodie. The attention in detail have to be noted. Cute alpaca on the packaging gives it a good touch. And because I am very against over packaging,  I am glad to see that the packaging is as simple as a nicely sealed parcel bag over this plastic bag.

As a Potter head, this cute alpaca twist gives it originality and of course, my friends loved it as well. Besides being trendy, Baker Street believes in preserving the environment, thus they only use European eco-friendly ink. And can you believe it, they actually hand print every single shirt.

The good thing about hand printing with this eco friendly ink is that it is waaaaay better than commercial screen printing in terms of texture, comfort and even the durability of the print. Also, a lot of cheap hoodie I got are kind of stiff before washing, but this hoodie is nice and soft and warm. They definitely did not compromise on the high quality US cotton in making their products.

I was having a slight cold so I decided to wear this hoodie out. It really keeps me warm in air conditioned area while being extremely comfortable, not to mention it is also trendy too!

Good news, now you can get these authentic alpaca T-shirt online! Their online shop that is based in Taiwan now ships overseas, and the prices are very reasonable for high quality hand-printed cotton shirts. Visit Baker Street's website @ and check it out!

P.s. Now they also carries leather USB cables and wireless headphones with a large variety of colours to choose from, and they come with 6 months warranty as well!

 "Baker Street 服飾" " 英國品牌 Baker Street" " 英國 Baker Street baker street BK2 WIRELESS BLUETOOTH HEADSET 英國BAKER STREET BK2 無線藍牙立體聲耳機 bakerstreet 羊駝 " 


  1. Definitely cute alpacas! And the hoodie fits you just so well...

  2. Ahhh I wanted to try out these hoodies too! It looks so comfy and relax to wear out =D

  3. wow nice pick on this! I have not check out the webs shall go now.

  4. Wow the hoodie looks lovely! I will check the e-store too!

  5. Look so nice!! And very suitable for you!!

  6. That is such a cutest design for a hoodie! It sure looks comfy!

  7. That is one cute hoodie. Gonna introduce (read: force) a friend of mine who loves hoodie to get one too!

  8. Haha, that hoodie is just amazing! Lovely photos ◡‿◡✿

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