Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunburn look makeup tutorial ♥

This is one very thick skinned post of me attempting to do my very first makeup tutorial. Of course, the creditability is questioned as I seldom do makeup. Only apply BB cream and blusher if I'm going out and wanted to look healthier (My skin tone is yellowish, it makes me look sickly!). Or maybe add up eyeliner if I feel like it.

But one day there's a sound in my head saying: "Maybe you can try doing one makeup tutorial!" Thus that explains why this post is here.


Sunburn look is a very adorable and suitable look for spring and summer sunny days! It gives you a bubbly aura while making you look healthy. If you have fair skin, a more pinkish blusher will let you look mad kawaii while if you're more tanned, use blusher with an orange glow. Smokin' hot!

 Examples of sunburn look~

Liked by Nihon gyaru modals too!

Here you go.

"No makeup". Actually I applied foundation. Am using ZA 2 way powder. Which can protect your skin from sun and can prevent your face to look oily. Super nais one! (Ignore my hair. Just bathed so the hair's wet and messy. And i tried my best to conceal my legendary-double-layered-eye-bags already!)

Wanna go with a light eye make up. So I applied brown eye shadow within the fold of the eyes. And i smudged the ends up to the crease.

Eyeliner! I'm using Cyber colour gel liner. Draw the inner eye lines =D

Done eyelinessss. I got no idea why this picture is not upright.

Mascara for both upper and lower lashes.

Most important step in the whole sunburn look. Choose orange toned blusher to get the tanned look. Unless you're very fair skinned then pink is fine for you.
I'm using a orangish-red blusher (or should I say coral red?). Brush along the cheekbone and across the nose bridge. Then fill in the apples of the cheek too. I prefer emphasizing the W shape; apple of cheek - nose bridge- apple of cheek. Looks more natural!

Hmm it's not very obvious in this picture =_________________=

I'll go for coral red lips as well! But before that I apply lip concealer to lighten my lips colour. This Za's lipstick is my favourite. Looks really natural and it really can make your lips look fuller and moist x) Color Me Nude concealer from Etude house.

Done! This is under outdoor lighting. How's it?

Nais outfit for spring and summer sunny days again!

P.s. I think I look quite nice tanned. But oh well, I can never get fair too =____________________= This is the after effect of playing at Port Dickson. Like Jolyn said : The sun has do no mercy on you! LOL


  1. I'm tanned ever since I was born. I also have the yellowish tone on my skin which makes me look like as if I'm sick. Anyways, thanks for sharing!

  2. u look great,thx for sharing^^looking forward to ur nx make up tutorial XD

  3. Kelly : Really? Mayb u should use your "advantage" to get this tanned look! Hahaha x)

    Angie : Thankssss! Oh well will try to make another one!

  4. haha awww.. i love your tutorial. do more alright? Yes, your jumpsuit nais & kawaii! <3

  5. I think for some girls...the less make up the better you look. u r looking very natural in these pics

  6. Cayenne : <3!!! I'll try!

    Stephanie : Well I can't really do heavy make up. I mean, I still look almost the same. Hmmmmmm

  7. wow pretty woman =P walking down the street~ #sing =P