Thursday, March 17, 2011

I ain't weak!

Fuhhhhh~ Settled down in this new place call home! Finally. It wasn't easy though. I think cou Mahsa loves me and don't let me to move out that why they off the lift for almost 2 days. Make me work out sou much running up and down 8 floors =____________= Very nice indeed. Oh well, which hostel won't want a tenant like me? I don hang clothes at the window, don't cook in the room, don't bring guys into my room, don't come home late (1am max! and that was for concert FYI). I'm a perfect tenant!

But too bad I insisted to leave. I guess that's why the lift start working after I officially not staying in Mahsa anymore. Boooooooo bully little girl one! Humph!

I love to have lots of books and novels around me. The small shelf I bought last time is surely too small to fit in my reference book, so it ended up in my room, with all my novels and magazines!

 Ah nais! Can do some bed time reading before sleep now x)

And I fixed my very own new study table and new book shelf. Don't state at me like that, I mean I ASSEMBLED my own study table. No joke =D I don't think I need to pay extra RM70 to get them assemble the table and shelf, thus I've to DIY them (Imma stubborn head, I DON'T wanna pay extra thus no matter how tough it'll be, I'll complete it too!). Thanks Jac for helping me figure out how to fix it. Kinda tough, there're like 10 different types of screw and tools inside and so many pieces of planks, really a good workout for my brain.

This is it! The newest puzzle I completed! And it's big enough to accommodate so much stuff of mine. Haha! Just the first day and it's that messy already. Oh well, I'm no neat girl.

Surprising right? I'm a girl who dono how to save my own neck but I can assemble this! All by myself! *clap clap* *Show biceps* LOL

My book shelf. It looks small here =____________= The actual thing is huge and should be standing but as I need more place to put my stuff I let it do the side lying position. LOL.

After all those hard work, it's time to sit down and do some lighter works. I'd save some dried flowers from my prom night bouquet. Pity lily can't stay pretty forever! It just shrivel up when it's dried. I love lily but sigh, I have to bade them goodbye when I move. Did this lil piece of are with the flowers I saved.

It looked rather empty in this view, thus I added on more purple flowers after taking these shots =)

Wheeeeeeeeeee it made my mood sou good x)

Tomorrow's THE DAY! Concert! Argh! And I haven decide whether I wanna go to Port Dickson with the band or hot air balloon fiesta at Putrajaya for the weekend. Dai dai dai! Shall do assignment NAO so no matter which one I choose it won't affect me! I CAN DO IT!

And thank god I passed my exam. But MS CHAN! Where are you? You miscounted my marks lah TnT


  1. U're unbelievable as always.. All the best =]

  2. The room looks very spacious! Lol at the side lying position shelf :P All the best for yr concert!

  3. wahahahahaha , u can be a good table assembler :P XD

  4. Hilda : Well u are cheated! LOL The room is actually very small, my table's in the living room btw x)

    Issac : Gosh i don wan!