Thursday, April 24, 2014

Herbal Essence Neo Gal Party

After days of last minute studies and cramming information into my teeny-weeny brain, finally there's a bit of time for me to breath a lil easily! Oh not exactly that easily if you consider the fact that I had a fever from no where and had to go out and get caught in rain.... and more exam stress are

Ah sorry let me just put my rantings and whines aside xD Let's talk about something happier!

Me, Joey and Jacqueline are very lucky to be invited by Cheesie to this Herbal Essence Neo Gal party! You must be asking what is Neo Gal. Well it's quite complex to be explained actually. Neo Gal is a new fashion trend in Japan that focus on a more street friendly style with a western trend influence + a Harajuku touch. Compared to gyaru style, they don't emphasis on heavy eyelashes and nude lips but more towards a lighter eye make and coloured lips. Neo Gal fashion brands include Figs & Viper, Murua and Emoda! When I'm free I'll be dedicating a post on Neo Gal. Love this trend so much more since it's super street friendly and it shows your attitude as well!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

House88Kend 9th Anniversary Party

So right after our House of Humerus pop up store work at Mahsa Carnival last Saturday, we went to Kendrick's BBQ party as well! Very tired after a whole day's work and somemore it was raining cats and dogs but somehow we still appear at his place magically hahaha

What's the occasion you asked? It's his studio's 9th anniversary! Yay! This dude has started his doodling journey long long time ago, when I was still dreaming about being a musician and join a lot of band activities but refusing to face the reality that I have got no talent and I'm a lazy bum. Oops why did I let that slip? =P

Doodle of me on Nuffnang's birthday bash when we 1st officially met lol.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Awesome accessories alert! House Of Humerus Pop Up Store @ Mahsa University

Last weekend was very eventful. And when I say very eventful, I meant to say that there-so-many-events-to-attend-I-can't-even.

So it started off with House of Humerus's very 1st pop-up Store in Mahsa University!
*Throws confetti*

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Rising of Kirin Ichiban - Zebra Square

Jacqueline got invited by LAB and GAB to introductory event of Kirin Ichiban. I got lucky since she tagged me along to witness the rising of Kirin Ichiban.

Just a short intro of Kirin Ichiban here. Kirin Ichiban is named as 'Beer at its Purest' as it is made from 100% malt, hops and water by Kirin Brewery, a Japanese brewer with over 100 years of history. It is also produced by the 'First Press' method, using the first pressed malt liquid to produce a crisper, richer and purer taste!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Guardian - My Date with Beauty

Joined a make over session by Guardian last Saturday at One Utama in conjunction with their event 'My Date with Beauty'. I was so excited when I receive the invite! I mean, which girl don't love makeovers? =D