Monday, December 20, 2010

Jingle-jingle~ Christmas's near!

Another Christmas themed random post. But now Christmas is REAL near so forgive me okeh? xD

Taken right after my exams with my gals at pavilion~ I heard there are plenty of people busy camwhoring at pavilion these days. Oh well. WE CAME 1ST nonid to fight and squeeze with you all xD Early bird bah~

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Christmas's nearing! Even thought I don celebrate Christmas (I'm Christy but not a Christian =________=) I still feel rather jolly these days~ Holiday mood what! Plus all the malls had their Christmas decorations up already! *Bounce bounce* 

These photos are taken before we went for Narnia at Midvalley the other day. Don't wanna talk too much, let the photos tell you the story =)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Premier screening of The Chronicles of Narnia... IN 3D! + Dinner @ Popeye

Yup open your eyes wide peeps! I WENT FOR PREMIER SCREENING! NARNIA! IN 3D!

Maybe I'm over excited but oh ya, this is my 1st REAL 3D movie (fake 3D like Clash of the Titans is not counted okay..) Jacqueline and Joey won the tickets from Nuffnang AGAIN (If you follow their blog you'll know they won quite a number of movie tickets and vouchers from Nuffnang and WHY I NEVER GOT ANYTHING?? oh maybe it's just because I never really join those competions =____________=) and tag along me and Jojo. Too bad Jacqueline can't go at last (She went to surprise her bf read here). We tag along Amy instead~

Before going to collect our tickets, we went for a quick dinner at Popeye.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


I don't mean to not update my blog often... I just don't have the time and my connections tends to get hay-wire at times.

BUT now I got the time, I got lots of awaiting postssss, but weird thing is, I CAN'T UPLOAD MY PHOTOS!

Can't upload as in the word "loading..." will be on the upload-photo-pop-out like FOREVER. The button "Browse" or "link from....." are all not available! Pathetic!! I did my last post at Jacqueline's house where there's better connection. Now I'm back in

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ladies outing ♥

After days of stress and exams, finally we are free! And the 1st thing CJJJ (Me, Jojo, joey, Jacqueline) do on our 1st day of freedom is going out to relax of course!

Sooooooo we actually got some missions yesterday~
1. Jacqueline got CASH VOUCHERS for Tangs! Havta go to Nuffnang main office to redeem them.
2. Joey got tons of UNIQLO VOUCHERS too! Gonna go there and have a look, why is everyone soooo crazy bout this Nihon brand O.O
3. Jacqueline got FREE SLIMMING VOUCHERS from her housemate.! 4 somemore! So we can have a try each. Never experience beauty/ slimming/ facial/ spa or wadsoever else. I know I'm from jungle. I live on trees remember?!
(Why they got so many nais and free stuff huh? I oso want ler =_________=)