Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ladies outing ♥

After days of stress and exams, finally we are free! And the 1st thing CJJJ (Me, Jojo, joey, Jacqueline) do on our 1st day of freedom is going out to relax of course!

Sooooooo we actually got some missions yesterday~
1. Jacqueline got CASH VOUCHERS for Tangs! Havta go to Nuffnang main office to redeem them.
2. Joey got tons of UNIQLO VOUCHERS too! Gonna go there and have a look, why is everyone soooo crazy bout this Nihon brand O.O
3. Jacqueline got FREE SLIMMING VOUCHERS from her housemate.! 4 somemore! So we can have a try each. Never experience beauty/ slimming/ facial/ spa or wadsoever else. I know I'm from jungle. I live on trees remember?!
(Why they got so many nais and free stuff huh? I oso want ler =_________=)


Outfit of the day~ Shirt from taiwan from san jie Shawn~ I got my waves back yay! Just for a day lah xD

So happily we went out and head towards Nuffnang office. By public transport of course LOL. And I think we look like some tourist with a patheric hand drawn map and got lost in the city. Haha!

And finally after few minutes and 1 phone call, we found the office!


 The office is just like how I imagine it. Bunch of people busy staring at their desktop / laptop. And I saw 1 guy busy reading blog. *gulp* Our blogs are being read by these peoples. Lol. The office is also orange in colour too! Maaaaa fav!

Nuffer Xian xian pass Jac her vouchers~ thus~


Next, we go to Timesquare.

And I did a rather stupid thing at McD. The staff asked me "lunch set" I said "yup!" Then I stare at me and joey's set....

How come ours so much larger than Jac and Jojo's??

Then I realize the staff asked me "LARGE set" not "LUNCH set" Ohhhhh lol!


Went shopping while waiting for Jac who's doing her free treatment.. The remaining 3 of us have to reschedule our treatment next time cause they have no more space for us. (I thought we made appointment d ==")

Bought something for mummy~

VIVIAN HII ask mummy to see this! Nice o not? Cheap cheap only! guess how much is it? =P

And feel like buying something for myself.....

Cute or not? I wan't leh! TnT But scare mum say it's a waste of money...


Next stop, Uniqlo!

And we did very stupid thing out there...

HAHAHAHA! So sakai~

Trying out furry cap.. With joey photo booming beside LOL..

One of the Nihon most hot fashion! But look like pyjamas O.o

Looks better with white belt right? Haha~

Need a simple long sleeve tee so I bought this~ At RM4.90 only! Omg I'm such a cheapskate =="

Sakais taking photo with the CD christmas tree after shopping in Uniqlo. Such a waste of CD =________=

It's makan time!
Came to this place, which is reviewed by Joey and Renae before~

Joey walk until like tat =___________=

Joey's nom. Fish and century egg porridge =3


Me, Jojo and Jac's nom. We sarawakians LOVE chicken soup mee sua with wine~

I know I look fugly. No make up mah~


Nice o not? =P Spot Jac and Joey!

Last stop, Pavilion! Jac had to buy something for her bf at Tangs..

While waiting for her to choose her stuff, me and Jojo went to explore Tangs' fitting room. Walau eh... Really speechless la the fitting room... No words to describe other than "WOW".

The light in the fitting room. Nice lea~~ Sooooo gothic xP

Me and Jojo~
We tried out some gowns but I AM NOT GOING TO SHOW YOU THE PICTURES. Blueks~

And Jac jac ask us to choose something for ourselves!!! Whee!

Jojo picked the monkey, Joey picked the star and Jac took the cow.

And me?

I'm greedy I picked 2 keychain!
Hey don't stare at me like that! I can be girly in a vintage way too kay~


Last group pic~

The mirror is so dirty it made me look like I'm smoking wth...

And our fav pic!


More pics coming soon! And special thanks to a special someone who came to fetch us back home =)


  1. Wow, so nice wan. How come can get Tangs voucher from Nuffnang? Me want to!! XP

  2. i love rice wine mee suah too!

  3. Melmonica : I want too! But she won it from MIFW contest. Too bad for us then ><
    Celeste : Awwwwwwww very nice right?? xD
    Jamie : Not many d lo~ Still got a lot! But i don want my post to be too lengthy..
    Joey : Mad ♥

  4. haha..u really look like smoking in the second last picture lol ehh btw uniqlo voucher still can use?i though expired ady?><

  5. Domokun : Haha I know =__________= Oh the voucher... Hahah we used it on 31th dec, updated my blog bit late thou ><