Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Wondering where'd I been all these while? I was busy with my sem 1 final exams + finish my broadband quota + bad weather so yeah, can't in anyway update my blog. Lol.

 I was at the library most of the time...
Saw the crazy stack of books beside my bottle? Oh well... Trying to find more info to study on @@

And when the library is not available, me and Jacqueline will go to Old Town at Jaya One. The waiter there must think us as crazy, cause we took a 6 person table, stack everything on it then sit there for 6hours on the 1st day and 7hours on the 2nd day along with Jux. Lol. But worth the hard work I guess. Even thought I'm not the kind of girl that'll really study hard, I think I did study harder than usual this time. Means less day dreaming and distraction. No choice, can't really on9 due to the stupid connection and I try to keep myself away from my room as far as possible. If not, I'll probably only study on the day before exam =____________=  Terribly lazy girl. Thank god Jac tag me along to study while some other friends will nag me to start my work or I might fail my 1st sem in my degree LOL. Hopefully I'll do fine thou~

One picha to scare you off! LOL. 

My nerd-mode on look. I guess my normal nerd-mode on mood is worst than this but oh well, I don really want to let you all have nightmare =P

More updates soon. I PROMISE!

Can't wait for tomorrow later, will go out with JJJ (Jojo, Joey, Jacqueline) Best sistas~ And I never have the chance to go out (except when I really need some food stock) this whole month. Will take lotsa lotsa photos tomorrow! Update kao kao to pay back those days where I leave my blog rotting  m(><)m

Oh and very late GOOD LUCK to those who're still having their finals, SPM or STPM! Huggies~~

Night peeps~

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