Monday, November 1, 2010

1st Clinical Placement

Hai peeps! I'm finally back in KL and my dear bloggie. Can't really blog back home cause my lil siblings always wanna use my laptop and I'm too tired to update anything.

I was rather happy today as I bought MAS's flight, thought there finally won't be any delays. Who knows after board and waited in the plane for ages, we was asked to leave the plane "due to technical issues" and the flight will be only be available "until further notice". Goshhh! Anyway kudos to MAS staffs, as they react quickly after the incident. They pass out food coupons for us, but before we manage to use it we're asked to board again. Haha! Delayed for about 40minutes, but at least I reach KL safe and sound =)

Got a shock when I just reach my college/hostel. After 3 weeks missing in action, now my college look totally different after all the constructions and I can't be sure where is my hostel LOL. Maybe I'm just blur after the tiring flight. Hahas~


Me and Jojo got placed back in our hometown Miri for our 1st clinical placement. It's a private hospital, Columbia Medical Centre. I was quite anxious when I first got there, but thank god all the physios there (3 physios and 2 physio aides) are damn nice. We quickly got used to the surrounding and since the department is small, we start to get bored and tired standing beside staring @@ Our heels start to hurt and we decided to see what 'safe and harmless' works we can lay our hands on. Started to volunteer ourselves to get this and that for the physios, like heat packs, cryocuff, ultrasound and sort.. then very soon, I can't remember is it the 2nd or 3rd day, since there's a lot of patient and not enough physios, they let us do ultrasound on the patient! Woot~ That day onwards, we helped out with ultrasound and guiding the patients through their exercises. It was kinda fun!

 The treatment room with 3 beds.

Shelves full with documents, towels, guards and slings and many more lil stuff.
Ohh, our ultrasound and IFT machines. (I'm sure IFT is not the right name but that's what we called it there so...)

 Traction bed and machine! There's lumbar traction and cervical traction, to increase joint space for those patient with lumbar and cervical pain, normally caused by impingement of nerves. Careful not to tract too much or else the patient might be pulled into half! Nyek nyek!   

Infra-red! Erm it should be red but I dono why it looks pink here =S

Another room, with the hydrocollaterer and wax heater, gym balls, therapy bands, balancing board, walking aids blah blah blah....

After another few days, I start to get bored again (LOL I think I really lack of concentration lah. So easy get bored 1) I asked the physios to let us follow them down to ward and also Sunflower Centre which is a children centre for children with disabilities. They allowed so.... yeah~

Saw how chest physio and suction is done for an old uncle in ward. Wasn't really a comfortable scene really, plus the sound @@ Poor uncle, he's sort of in unconscious state now and can't spit out the phlegm accumulate in his lungs. Plus he was a heavy smoker, so the phlegm produces is really much and he can barely breath without suction. Sigh peeps! Don't smoke yea! I can't bear watch anyone else suffer like this ><

Then it's finally the day to go Sunflower Centre. Guess what, we managed to ride on 2 different ambulance!

 I just knew that there's a water tap in ambulance..

Me acting very stupid. 1st time on ambulance what, can't control the excitement. Lol. Dono excited for what too. Haha.

At the centre, the physios help some Cerebral Palsy children in stretching, while me and Jojo was busy guarding and playing with the kids. There was a damn cute 3 years old Down Syndrome girl who can talk really good even thought most DS kids have great difficulties in that. Her mum really put in a lot of effort to help her. Great mum isn't she?

And the only kid I took picture of, Khairul, super adorable and cant stop smiling. He can understand Malay but don't talk. Yet, he's still such an angel =)

Went to Shell too to help out in the health screening. Yep, ambulance again!

The very last 2 days, I got bored again since there's not much patient, and start playing around with all the equipments there.

 Traction collar for cervical spine! Jojo's neck is too small so we have to stuff in towel to secure it. Which made her look like a yellow bearded chipmunk Haha!

 Wondering what's the 1st thing? It's a percussion cup for soft tissue manipulation aka massage.
2nd thing is a hammer thingy, used it to knock on my own knee and make it jerk for my own amusement. Lol. 

Ahh~ Roses like towels!

And finally, the 2 weeks comes into an end. I just realise how much I'm used to the physio department already, the people there, smell, patient...... Really a great experience!

 Me and jojo!

All the physios except Joanna who went back to Mahsa college for convention. Yep, our senior in diploma. Too bad we didn't manage to grab a photo with her.

Anyway, I'll go back to pay them a visit whenever I can! =D Gonna miss them so much~

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