Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vinnie's birthday @ Tbowl

Me and Jojo was rotting in our room yesterday when Siaw Yie told us she's going out to Sungai Wang later to celebrate Vinnie's birthday. Since we're really bored here we *thick face* asked Siaw Yie to let us follow them. Not that we don't know her friends what~ Know they won't mind it =P

Didn't take much photos thought. Not too familiar with the whole bunch plus they're not taking photos themselves. It'll be real weird if I ask them to pose for me LOL.

So I took a picture of them before they get onto the bus without their consent. =P

Came here for dinner. Tbowl, a toilet theme cafe.

Ahh toilet and basin! Eh no, table and chair.

Because we girls have no extra seats to put our bags, someone actually suggested us to put our bags INSIDE the toilet bowl. Wth! Even thought this is not really a toilet, but the idea is disgusting enough =="

My basin table.

The menu. Notice a toothbrush beside? =O

The most OMG food in the menu. With the most OMG chinese name there. Direct translate - A stack of shit-sage (Signature Gaint Sausage)

They gave us 2 free drinks. (Be a member there then you can get some coupons for free food/drinks)

Some soda icecream drink which look so unnaturally blue. They say it's nice though.

Another soda drink. It look like plain lemon and sour plum drink at the first sight but we got a shock when we drank it. It's fizzy! And it's name if translate directly from chinese is some soap water thingy. Funny name yea? Not bad though.

Pork rib herbal soup. Sort of remind us of the herbal soup our mumsie used to cook for us back in our hometown. A bit salty but just nice if you're eating it along with steamed rice.

The oh-so-cheesy-baked rice with fish. 

Yum! I was stunned by the creaminess of it. Maybe is because of the creamy corn taste along with the cheese. The fish is not very fresh though. One piece in it had the stinky fish taste. But thank god it's just that one. And I guess in KL you just can't expect all the seafood are fresh.

A definite no-no if you can't stand too much cheesiness. I'd like to have this one next time! Just hope the fish is fresh. I can't stand stinky fish taste (used to have good fish caught by my dad or his friends in Miri what..) Lol.

Jojo's food. Fried rice, meat dumpling and pork (marinated with fermented soya bean). Not bad! The pork is crispy and the serving is really filling.

Alas! My nom!

*Hokkien mee?*
Nope! This is black pepper fried udon with chicken chop. Like it because the udon is Q enough and the chicken is yummy too.

Didn't take photos of all the food. They're all very hungry already what.. I'm not that bad to stop them from eating just to take some terrible pictures of it.

Wanted to order some desserts after that but we're in a hurry that time. Have to rush to Low Yat and buy stuff before the shops close (Ish I wanna look at the new clothes in Sg. Wang oso cannot =n=). Sigh how can we missed the signature shit-like ice cream dish? *Don't sound tempting though* Will find some time to come here again. If my wallet is not too slim by that time ><

Ohh and this is me *obviously =="* wearing my colour contact lenses after a whole 2 weeks throwing all my contact lenses aside. What? I'm scared leh! Blind later! My eyes got irritated during the holidays because I wore it too long. Like for errrr 18hours straight? LOL!

Kind reminder : DON'T ever wear your contact lenses for more than 8 hours. Even tough eyes like mine also can't stand the deoxidized condition for so long. Remember ya!

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