Monday, September 20, 2010

Earthquake in Kuala Lumpur!

This is terrible! I actually FELT the earthquake just now! For the first time in my life actually. I know there was some minor earthquake here in KL before but it's really really "minor" until I can't felt it at all. But this time, it actually had physical damage upon my belongings ='(

Me and my roommie Jojo was enjoying ourselves staring blank outside the window together when we felt a sudden shudder, than "WHAM". We turned to the source of the sound (which is my table, so it's basically right beside me duh) and had our jaws dropped onto the floor. Literally. You know what happened? You won't believe your eyes!

This is how my table and shelf and book rack in their original position (And my nom nom too! Vege-tuna-wholemeal sandwich!)

After the terrifying shudder

 Such a disaster.

My dinner (Mee sedap, yes I'm poor ==) was placed at where the Season's bag is. When the whole rack just swing down like that, luckily my dinner is safe and sound! Or else I'll not only have to clean up the whole place, I'll lose my poor dinner too >< Oh and look at my laptop! It almost fell! Thank god it didn't or I'll cry my eyes out!

This is my poor shelf. It somersault from my table onto my bed. I'd say it was a rather bad one. The shelf didn't even manage to do a half circle (180 degree) turn! Chey~

Okay lah. Pity me please? Look at all my books and food and bears and stationary and..... they're all over my bed! Sigh. Have to spend some time tidy them up again... (I know my bed sheet is not something worth looking at. Click on my Nuffnang ads! Then I'll have pocket money to buy some bed sheets that are more "worth looking" at LOL)

Pity my teddy as well! See what happen to him!

Daymn! Sure hurts a lot! ='( Gonna sayang him back tonight..

But really lucky lah. My one and only precious glass dropped on my bed, not on the floor. And it's standing! Wow! Or else I'll end up either 1. (worst senario) Stepped on pieces of glass and get myself cut OR 2. Waking up eating dry biscuit without Milo because this is my ONE AND ONLY PRECIOUS glass wth.

Shocked right? Maybe here isn't that safe anymore.

What??? You say I'm exaggerating?? Where got! Got photos from the scene as a proof kay?

*Absolute silence*

Why nobody's answering me??


OKAY LAH! I admit I'm exaggerating. Lol. *Attention seeker!* Hey enough la I know I'm one xD

Source of the incident : Loose screw / lousy plaster or whatever lah. I dono. But the whole rack just swing off like that blah! The rack hit the shelf, the shelf topple off ><

And sorry for scaring the hell out of you (If you really believe there's this serious earthquake, but I know you all very clever won't fall for it lah)

Showing you my saddest puppy eyes and the poor-so-called-earthquake-victim-teddy (But hey! Teddy really is the victim in this incident owh!)
Forgive me =P

P.s. Hey it's not a laughing matter k.. If the shelf topple off when I'm asleep.. My head is done lah. It fell directly onto where I usually sleep =(


  1. Haha I bet a lot people hate me now =="
    But lucky eh it fell off before I sleep. See the shelf hit my pillow! Imagine i was sleeping there. ><

  2. was about to say this is a stupid entry n i totally doubt it, luckily you were kidding. :p

  3. John : Haha! Sorry yah xD
    Anonymous : Lol =P

  4. lol, i really believed u at first.. >.<
    but this is really a disaster for you..