Friday, July 30, 2010

National Band Comp 10'

This is also an rusty old post that I didn't manage to upload earlier on.

July 15th, is national band competition! This year it is organized by MWBC, not really under government, so each state can have any numbers of band joining in the nationals as long as they are in the top10 list in the whole nation. My school band was in the list but due to some problems they didn't join nationals. Same goes to St Joseph Miri. Awwww am so sad about it!

Here are the ones which joined (I cant remember so I copied it somewhere =P):

1st place - SMK St. John's Institution, Kuala Lumpur - 79.30 points
2nd place - SMJK Keat Hwa, Kedah - 72.20 points
3rd place - SMK Saint Joseph Kuching, Sarawak - 71.70 points
4th place - SMJK Chung Hwa Wei Sin, Terengganu - 69.30 points
5th place - SMJK Nan Hwa, Perak - 66.80 points
7th place - SMK Tun Fatimah, Johor - 61.6 points
8th place - SMJK Kwang Hua, Selangor - 61.20 points
9th place - Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid, Kedah - 60.40 points
11th place - SMK High School Klang, Selangor - 59.10 points
13th place - SMJK Chung Hwa, Kelantan - 57.20 points

Okay.. The bands this year are superb! Lots of improvement and surprised. It's a wonder how Malaysia bands improved so much in just this few years! I can still remember when I just joined band, most bands don't really have good music and clean drills. Now, many bands are like sound like concert symphonic band, but they march and run in the formation x) Love it love it!

Hmm I don't think I'll post pictures of every single bands. Not like the pictures are nicely taken or what. You can just see the pin dot like colours in shape xD

Love CHWS's music. It's so clean, so harmony, so powerful! Love Keat Hwa's drill, it's so flawless and clean! Love Nan Hwa's show, it really grabs the audience's heart and I felt like crying watching it! SJSK's concerto theme is a nice try thought. And I love their pit percussion and colour guards. The pits played their music with such a passion and power while the colour guards are so nice =)

Enough of my continual blabering, we'll see the results.
1st SMK Keat Hwa  
2nd SMK St. John 
3rd SMJK Chung Hwa Wei Sin  
4th SMK St. Joseph 
5th SMJK Nan Hwa  
6th Sekolah Tun Fatimah  
7th Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid  
8th SMK Kwang Hua  
9th SMK Tinggi Klang  
10th SMJK Chung Hwa

Best Percussion Line - SMJK Keat Hwa 
Best Hornline - SMJK Keat Hwa
Best General Effect - SMK St. John
Best Colour Guards - SMK St. John
Best Drum Major - SMJK Chung Hwa Wei Sin
Not exactly the best result, but oh well if you're in Malaysia's marching band industry long enough you'll know that the results always come out with some complaints. Respect the judges then. Don't wanna say anything already since it happened ages before xD   

Now happy hour! Meeting up friends is my favourite part in every band events. Well I can't really meet them up other time since we're all from different places..

Here, my new friend ELAINE!
Super nice girl she is, it's so easy to chat with her =) She's ex-SJSK colour guard. Came to the stadium with a bunch of people, a mixture of ex-AMC, ex-SJSK and ex-CHM members.

Elaine and John!

My dearest miao friend =) We only can meet up like this once in a year. Sad huh?

Cutest "nephew" Timmy. He's so dark! Nyahaha!

Janey's koko aka Koko Crunch / Wilson / Joo Lung. Haiya whatever you wanna call him lah xD

And lastly, my bao bei son Kai hang and his daddy Jenson =)

There's lot more people I met there. Didn't take photos with them thought. xD
A whole bunch of CHM seniors and ex members, John aka potato, waie aka lil monkey, roland aka the plankton, shanjie aka webmaster........ Lots more lots more! So happie to see them there =D

Okay lah I should end here. Hmm I need a conclusion for this essay. Oh oh! Okay, this is a really fun experience and I hope I can attend it next year. LOL lame xD (Ki-siao-ing Nyahaha). Ignore the wild *christymon* Hahas =)

Thursday, July 29, 2010












1. 绰号:Crispy

2. 星座:天蝎座

3. 生日:271091

4. 兴趣:看书,玩音乐,跟朋友呆在一起

5. 血型:A

6. 最宝贵的东西: 亲人和朋友吧~


1. 有喜欢的人吗

2. 有交往吗:从没耶

3. 幸福吗:就这样咯

4. 他很爱你吗:不知道啦

5. 如果你有勇气最想做什么:让他知道我在想什么


1. 你被谁点:Jacqueline~

2. 他是你的谁:班上的好buddy!

3. 他的个性是:友善

4. 他长得怎样:靓!

5. 跟他认识多久:几个月咯

6. 你想跟他说什么:你一定要幸福哦~

7. 如果他变成你的情人:哇哩!还不想被人打哦。。


1. 最爱的音乐:Jazz, Reggae, Classical

2. 最爱的季节:秋天

3. 最爱的卡通:Tom and Jerry!

4. 最爱的颜色:黑白,Orange!

5. 最想去的国家: 日本!こにちわ~

6. 最爱的水果:都喜欢~

7. 最爱的人:爸爸妈妈~


1. 你很爱哭吗:超爱

2. 你很爱笑吗:哈哈!

3. 你是很有信心的人吗:没也。。

4. 你想要怎样的生活:简单的吧。。

5. 你喜欢自己吗:还可以

6. 你喜欢睡觉吗:=P

7. 你喜欢唱歌吗:音痴啦。。






如果你有三个愿望 , Tell me your wish :


2- 我爱,我关心的人永远健康快乐~


Joey's birthday =)

Okay, this is a really really late post! Sorry~ Blame the broadband for it!

After a few stressful weeks, we finally finished our major English presentation on tuesday (sometime in Mid June. Really should post this ages before!) And it's Joey's birthday as well so we decided to relax ourselves at Midvalley.

Sooooo what we did there? Basically it's not much, we just fool around and laugh a lot (yes getting a lot of stares and glares from strangers LOL). Tried some clothes at Cotton On too =)

 The polka-dot dress that I like quite a lot..

 Goes real fine with Denim Jacket too. This is a Vivi inspired look =)

The dress cost about RM59 while the jacket's about RM69. Quite reasonable, but I can't buy them at the moment.. Sigh~ Maybe next time then..

 This may be quite rare, but oh yes, I did some make up =P

 And now! Some group pictures we got that day~

 Cool! Or a bunch of noisy house flies? *Shop keeper staring* Whoops~

And Jojo's good photography skill made us all look like same height. Nyahaha! Poor chris~

Enough of the fooling around, we decided to have our dinner. Majority wants to take japanese meal so we ended up in Sushi Zanmai.

Just some pictures to make your mouth water....

Spider roll a.k.a Sushi roll with soft shell crab inside and avocado slices on top of it + lots of yummy sauce. I was utterly speechless when I tasted it. It was much much better than I thought! A must try! *Christy's recommendation*

Unagi sushi, not sure what it's called, but it is specially prepared for that few days only. Can't find it on the menu. Quite nice, unagi + specially prepared mushroom sauce on top = Yummeh!
And Dai Dai Roll a.k.a. Salmon roll. Mmmm fresh salmon rocks! The creamy and smooth texture just makes my inner cat purrs in joy xP

 This is what Jacqueline ordered. For those who don't really like salmon, unagi or all those fishy Japan food, you can try this. If not mistaken it is called Chicken Katsu Don. With deep fried chicken + egg + seaweed + many other ingredients, this is really a wonderful, filling meal! She ordered small, and it is quite enough for those who don't really have a large appetite. =)

This is real random. The chopstick eating monsters!

 Involves everyone xD

I just realize that I look damn funny when I eat sushi. Oh well, but it shows how happy am I with my food =D

Shiawase ne~ Okay lah I know I really look stupid xD

I'll end my update here with some pictures =)


 And lastly, our birthday girl JOEY!

 P.s. I'll try to update more often! When I still got quota of course, please guys, stay tuned! xD

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Expections. Sigh.

I’m always a happy-go-lucky person. Never expect much from myself, as I always know I’ll do fine. I don’t need to study to get good results in primary school, and when I just learn piano, I don’t even have to look at the score sheet to play the piece out. Better than others in drawing and art craft too, I was really happy with myself already, even thought I know I lack of sports ability, communication skill and determination.

In secondary years, things get tougher for me. Seeing so much people much better than I, I was still okay with it. But I remember there’s once during a debate competition, I was laughed by a senior. Not that I want to do that great mistake too! Our teacher told us the wrong format of doing it… Well disaster… Then in the Wushu society, I was doing terribly. Sigh. Quitted it after 1 year. In band too, I was not a very popular junior among all, and it was like a hard slap on me. I thought I was doing fine. I can play reasonably well compared to others in the same batch, but life is cruel. You don’t look adorable/pretty/lovable, you get nothing. Guess those’re the causes that made me lost confidence in myself.

In my last 1 and a half year in school and band I was getting better and more people approved my doings. Well, is not like a lot of people look up on me, but at least they give me some respect and my point of views are appreciated unlike before. And I’m glad that my band teachers trusted me in all those works, and will listen to my opinions in stuff. I get quite good result for SPM, and after that in college, as it’s a new start for me, not much matter bothers me thought.

But now in university, I just realize I never walk out from the shadow of my early secondary years. I didn’t put high expectations on myself, but still, there are certain expectations I hope I can reach. And of course, I can as well, but I didn’t manage to reach it. This causes me to lose confidence in myself once again. I can’t do well in small test, screwed my presentation, terrible in clarinet…... And many others. They cause stresses, stress cause me not working, and not working create more stress for me. This stupid snowball got stuck in my lung, my throat, my heart, my brain…… No wonder I’m in this miserable state again. I need my holidays to come earlier! I need time to refresh and relax and restart myself! But not everything you hope for will come for you. Sigh. And I do nothing wrong, I still can get people to hate me. Amazing right? Can’t describe my feelings now.

Hoping for a better tomorrow. Really. I hope I can start over again after the holidays. Being moody for 2 weeks already, I really hope this will end soon. I can’t do anything in this state! Gah! Hate myself for that. If there’s a confidence pill, please introduce it to me. I just need a bit more confidence in myself that I can do fine during this period of time. I know if I push myself a bit I can get good results. I know I got the potential to do well in presentation. I know if I practice my clarinet I can be better than what I am now. I know if I put my heart in my work, I can perform 10times better. BUT I know as well I don’t have the confidence. *slap*

Guess that’s enough for my self-pitying and grumbles. Ignore it after reading. It won’t do you any good remembering anything from this. I have to munch in the notes now. Till I feel better, see you guys then.

P.s. There’s a lot of stuff I should update in my blog. But I think you’d guessed it right. I got no mood to do all these right now.