Thursday, March 4, 2010

A day at the beach x)

I had not been to the beach for AGES since years before.. So during chinese new year me and Bel get too boring and decided to go there a while x)

Ma super model Bel x)

The weather was great! Even though it was 4pm, it's not too hot. Stayed there for an hour but I didn't get burnt at all.

Looking at the sea. I mean... Erm.. I was suppose to look at the sea but i closed my eyes x)

I started writing this.. Feeling random ^^

Then me and Bel draw this...

And we'll get ma super model to pose for our masterpiece!

Take 1! Aduh see not enough sleep during new year.. I got dark circles!


Take 2! With shades to cover the dark circles! But end up looking like 2 ah guas or something xD


The beach behind my shades x)