Tuesday, August 25, 2009

In KL once again..

Now back in kl lu... 1 week is sooooo short!

Anyway, I'm happy enough thou able to go back home =)

My last outing was on friday, and here's some pictures i took..

Early in the morning me, my aunt and her friend went out to have our breakfast... We ordered dim sum and kampua.. The food was not really nice thou... Too bad for me...

Noon time, went to miaw's house... Did something to my hair again xD Look mature huh?

The use of mirror.. LOL (Do we look alike somehow? A lil bit? Tiny bit?? Lol...)

Rushed back to have dinner with my family... With 1 additional member to our family... Miaw had dinner with us too, and mum take him as her son.. O.o OMG.. Now i got 2 brothers ROFL

At night we meet up with bel and yik yuen... Took pic at the same spot where me Bel and Howard once took pic together few months back.. Hahas...

One of my last pic with my kittens =)


Went to the Rahmadan Bazaar today..

Found a special food I'm sure many have not heard of it...

Telor Lompat! (Jumping egg???)

Made of flour and egg and stuff.. Lol..

It is slightly sweet and should be eaten with these slightly salty santan...

I like it! It actually taste familiar.. Like some kind of kuih but I cant recall what exactly is that.. Hrmm..

And this is called errrr OMG I forgot!!!

Is it Tepung Lilin???? Ahh damn my short term memory =(

Look damn nice but is not as nice as I thought.. this 1 is not solid enough I think.. And the white layer taste of flour... Kinda disappointed...

BBQ chicken wing is nice though.. Yum yum~

P.s. I pass ALL my chemistry theory and practical exam! So happy! Results was not bad too.. =D

P.p.s. Can't wait for the butterfly park outing this weekend.. Hope it'll be great... Will take lotssss of photossss if possible! xD

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mao mao and qiu qiu~

Kittens are cute aren't they?

*Yawnn~* Just woke up..

*What should i do now? Hrmmm...*

Saw kitty big sis's playing on her laptop.. Qiu qiu come and kacau.. *I want play tooooooooo!!*

Qiu qiu chatted with my friends last night ==" Spamming our conversation with words we don't understand... Don't believe? Ask howard and eric. LOL

They insist on eating whatever i eat.. Duh.. Was drinking milk tea when mao mao jump onto the table wanna reach my drink... OMG... Then when i eat the Dapha dried fish fillet, the 2 kittens gone crazy.. Both shrieking for food, and Qiu qiu climb onto my shoulder trying to bit my nose off to get me feed them with the fish O.o

After eating enough fish, the sastifyed kittens start to play around.. Mao mao staring at my laptop while Qiu qiu fighting with my sis's handphone strap.. lolz..

Mao mao trying to push Qiu qiu down from the chair.. *Go die lah you!!! Grrrmeow!!*


*Me too..*

(Background music : H1N1 song) wash your body wash your hands too!

*Kua ha mi kua?? Cannot sleep on your chair meh??*
They occupied my chair! O.o



I got scratches on my lap... Both scratched me when they're trying to get onto my lap or the table.. Yeeouch!! Naughty lil things =="

P.s. I know you're jealous! xP

Monday, August 17, 2009

Back in miri =)

I'm at miri for a few days edi.. And I indeed had a lot fun back here..

Finally went to get my L license.. Now i can learn driving anytime! But have to wait till this year end when i finish my SAM though... Aiyak!

The super boring class I have to attend.. Luckily i met my aunt's student Jade Crystal or I'll die of boredom very very soon..

2nd day there.. Wait 3 hours alone just to get my L license done.. This time really almost die of boredom.. Look at my face... Result of sleeping late and waking up early ><


Played a lot with my lil sis and bro.. Aunt got us 2 kittens too.. They're just sooooo cute!

Qiu Qiu (direct translate = Ball Ball) posing.. Very weird pose eh xP

Lil sis and Mao Mao (direct translate = fur fur???)

Damn cute they're.. now they're crawling all over me n my laptop kacauing me posting this blog.. lol.. Itchy lah! Qiu Qiu is fighting with me to type on the keyboard now... OMG...


Went to miao's house too.. Played with my hair xP

So not me? Hahaha..



Went to a wedding dinner too..

Brother blurring..

Me and my sis xP She's wearing my dress and i'm wearing her blouse! Hahaha..

Sis posing, and caught me on the picture! Lolz..

Ahh~ So cuteeeee! Kittens are sleeping on my lap now =) Sweet ahhh... But i think i have to change b4 sleep? Or else someone'll complain dirty right? xP

P.s. I wanna show you my kittens lah... Where're u...? O.o

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Going back to Miri this friday night =)

Am very very impatient... Missed my family, my doggies (thought they're being very very disobedient recently), my friends, my band, my piano and of course my number 1 best miaw friend xP

Too bad there won't be any band practices coz of the exams... Haih.. Missed band terribly after watching national competition.. Really, once a CH member, forever a CH member.. No matter how long I din go back, no matter what happened before, I still miss band lots when I saw the other bands practicing hard.. Is there a way I can get involved in marching band once again? Envy some of my friends who go back to their band and teach ><

Missed some other friends too.. Too bad sarawak is too big, while kuching and miri is at the very end opposite to each other.. The time we can spend together is always so short! Sobs...

Take care timmy! Aunty don wanna see you sick ler >< Get well soon! Hugs...

Miao, you take care of yourself well too k? The weather's terribly hot these days.. Drink more water yea.. =)

And to all others, flu's everywhere! Take care of yourselves yea! Wash your hands, wear mask, and eat your veggie!

P.s. Miao, WASH YOUR HANDS before meal!!! Hahaha!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

National band competition 2009

Went to Johor Pasir Gudang to watch nationals last week with a bunch of KLPAC friends and vote band people..

Departed at saturday evening, reach there bout 10pm..

Had supper with everyone in our group, and kena bully kao kao coz i'm real excited about the competition.. Haiyah you guys wont understand lah! ><

Was waiting on bed for someone's morning call but end up that someone only phoned my by 630am.. *cough cough* Thought I was being forgotten edi.. Hahaha...

Reached stadium by 7++.. Damn early but just in time to see all the bands warm up.. Of course, while scanning around for familiar faces xP

Competition was awesome... Asma was PERFECT beyond description.. I never saw malaysia band comp audiences soooo discipline before.. Not a pin drop of sound was heard except for the great part.. Wow..

Gotta mention about St Joseph as well.. They improved a lot compared to state level and the show was really really good! Chung hwa wei sin got great impact too, enjoyed it lots.. Sam tet's formation real clean, but too bad i was not in front view, cant comment much bout it..

Then the most surprising thing happened during prize giving...

Best CG:
1st St John KL
2nd St Joseph Kuching
3rd Tun Fatimah Johor
(O.o Wow.. but but but.. I didn't even realize they got CG you know...)

Best DM:
1st Sam Tet Perak
2nd Chung Hwa Kelantan
3rd Chung Hwa Wei Sin
(They all dropped their mace thou.. not once, but twice if not mistaken.. O.o)

Best Preparation:
1st Tun Fatimah Johor
2nd Sultanah Asma Kedah
3rd Sam Tet Perak
(The 1st place was predicted lah.. As usual~)

Highlight of the day.....

Bronze award
Kwang Hwa Selangor
SMK Derma Perlis
Jit Sit Penang (O.o???)

Silver award
St John KL
MGSS Pahang
Chung Hwa Kelantan
St Joseph Kuching (O.O!!!! WTH...)

Gold award
Sultanah Asma Kedah
Chung Hwa Wei Sin Terrenganu
Sam Tet Perak
Tun Fatimah Johor (O.O I'm utterly speechless.....)

1st Asma
2nd Sam Tet
3rd Chung Hwa Wei Sin
4th Tun Fatimah (Noooooo!)
5th MGSS
6th St John
7th St Joseph (T___________T)
8th Chung Hwa Kelantan
The rest I'm not really sure... Jit Sin top3 from behind? Gosh I must be dreaming!

How much tears had wasted that day...... Blimley... Cant imagine...

Anyway, stop blaming other bands lah... Every member had put in lots of effort in this competition. Sweat and blood involved, now because of the result they get the flaming?? Blame the judges for being too blind to choose the best bands out of them, not the members who have passion and commitment for marching and music, and had did their best for the competition.

St Joseph, you guys had indeed showed the whole malaysia a very different and creative show.. I believe everyone of you had done your best. I love the whole show and enjoyed every single bit of it. No matter how bad was the result, we all know you guys deserve much better than this. =) Ora et labora!

Sam Tet, congratz yea.. And stay strong no matter what the others say about you guys. Work harder for the next competition and prove to everyone who'd flamed you guys that you guys are best among the best. Hugs! Gambateh!

Finally, to the worthy champion, Sultanah Asma.. No doubt you guys are the best among all.. Cant wait to see what's next from you guys.. Congratulations! =D


Really glad I met with a bunch of long-time-no-see-friends.. Some din manage to talk much, and some din manage to take picture.. But am glad to see you all! xD

Manage to say hi to my dear sun zi jeremy, zheng yang, wai sian and spotted many others.. =)

Me and my cutest nephew, timmy..

Someone's darling! Hahaha! damn the picture's so blur =(

The referee! Wariq and Stanton's lil bro who had "crush" on me! xD

My miao miao friend xP

Lastly~ haha!

Before we say goodbye to each other, another pic with my sweetest friends there... Eee nan's hand dirty xP


Went to Melaka for dinner...

Manage to get this picture in the moving car.. Lol..

And ate the famous chicken rice there =)

Reach home by 12am.. Tiring... But happy too~

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

makan makan...

Janice and xing yee came to find us for dinner... And we took some stupid pictures together =)

Picture taken at Asia Cafe.. All wear black eh..

Kampung gals who never seen such big fruits and such expensive college.. LOL..

P.s. Count down! Wheeeee~

Monday, August 3, 2009


So lazy wanna update my blog nowadays xP

Anyway, had a very fully utilized week again..

Thursday evening we went to eat durian buffet. The durian's damn nice and we can eat as much as we like with only Rm10... Me, shu jun and jocelyn practically stuff in 8 durians as dinner... But i guess too full is not a good thing... I guess someone's not in great mood that day.. He drove in circles and damn fast, somemore he's not concentrating at all... Shu jun felt like vomiting while me and jocelyn felt dizzy... And we cant stuff in desserts as well =(

Me concentrating on eating.. Look delicious?

Me n Jocelyn~ Enjoying xP

Shu Jun and Jocelyn... We can talk with our mouth full with durian.. Pro leh??

Went out to meet with Aaron aka seng fung aka blinkz on friday evening... Had rice at the ramen shop (sound weird heh??) and walk around in Sunway pyramid.. Took some pictures as well, since he's a design student and love photography...

One of him masterpiece outside Sunway Pyramid.. I love the lighting.. =)

He also gave me a sweet little black sheep.. Initially I wanna name it as blackie but since the name is taken I decided to name it heihei instead (hei is black in chinese)... Oh well, not really a nice name, but it is a sweet little sheep =)

Heihei posing xP

Nonami came to KLPAC WE to polish up the music on Sunday... We had a real great practice with the highest attendance I'd even seen before... Enjoyed it a lot...

We also took group photos after the practice... Had some fun under the sun! (perhaps only me) and stupid pictures of me and some others playing around was taken... Damn they're all tagged on facebook! People are laughing... Grrrrr.... Now my mail box is filled with spam mails.. =="

One of the sizzling hot photo which caused my inbox to be full of spam mails... Xue Ying damn cute! xP

After the practice we had lunch together with nonami and a bunch of our fellow members... We're supposed to do our interview that time too. Thought it'll be done by 3pm, but dear old nonami who loves to tell his stories continued on and on... It was like being lectured in history period and we all almost dozed off xP

Dear old nonami! From left : Me, chaim roei, hao tian, yoke wah... The extreamly noisy bunch of people especially on facebook!

It finished by 5pm (wow wow wee!) And we're all damn tired... Felt sorry for those who stayed back for nothing... Sowie~ ><"

Some of the stay-for-nothing bunch of people : Brian and Eric..

I guess this is all for today... Gonna finish up my moral presentation slides faster and do revision for chemistry (Promised Sharanya edi >< For my own good!) and there's physic work that I should start now too... Busy busy... Huhu...

P.s. I CANT WAIT to go Johor! Wait for me yea my dar, dearest miao, sweetest nephew, naughty sun zi (grandson) and many many more friends! Missed you guys soooo much!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Scorpio woman

A simple woman who always show what kind of a moods she is in. You can tell right way if she upset, or if she is flirting with you. She displays herself with her act much more than trying to say it for it's in her character.

A Scorpio woman has her own mysterious personality (Blueks!). She is confident and deep down inside ( Deeep downnn.. I'm not arrogant right??) she is quite proud of herself. She hates to think she is borne a woman and so limiting her with a certain social acceptable rules. She is a real woman and despite her innocent and childish looks, she has a spirit of free soul (Absolutely!). Many men will make mistake if they think she is a good follower, they are wrong.

She thinks being a plain simple housewife is boring. She likes to have power and control over other people, but this will be only her secret,( Why am I telling u guys?!) so you will only see a cute woman (am i??). Every things she does will look good, and she has all the woman's trick you can think of. She can manipulate men without they knowing it (Without i knowing it too i think..).

If you think she going to do everything you say because she loves you, then you will be disappointed (That's true). She could be a little tomboyish and she can understand you by just looking in your eyes (BeCareful people..). You may say sweet words which could sweep any woman, but not with the Scorpio woman. She will use her X-ray eyes reading your thought of what you just said or what you are going to say. She always smile and she can really hide her feeling.

She will constantly show you that she loves freedom. If she has freedom, she will not leave you, but will even love you more. If she wants something, she will do everything to get it. She has her own sixth sense of people and you can feel that energy feed back when you around her. She likes a man who can earn her respect, and she will also respect and feel proud of that man. A man with power over her should not threat or challenge her confident. She likes to have a good looking, strong and healthy man especially if she start to compare with her friends' boyfriends. It is a plus if he hold a degree or a good career.

She is a hot lady. She likes heavy music. She either loves or hates, there are no "fond of", or "like" (ya mer...) for her. Love has no "may be", or "perhaps". If she is real mad, she will trash and throw things. Her wind storm can sweep all her dishes and you could get accidentally hit on your head for this matter. Be calm, it is just your grandmother favorite china for she has good quality as much as her bad tempered (But, am i that bad tempered?). Sometimes she shows her weakness, but it won't be long. She will put herself together and back to be that hot chili again. If she loves you, it will be no matter what other people may say. Her relationship will be more important than what is right or wrong. Because of this reason, you may know some Scorpio woman become a second wife, a mistress (No way for me! Even thou i played that role often in class dramas ==").

She is spoil, but she allows her love one to over power her. Dating this woman, you should not keep old love letters in your pocket or in your house. It could be a love letter 2 years ago, but never mind she will argue about this since this is a big deal for a suspicious woman. Remember she has a temper of the shrew. (Aww don't worry I'm not that bad =P)

If you play a cold war with her, she will treat you likewise and double it. (So BEWARE!!) If you stood her up once, she will stood you up 2-3 times. She is quite fair in justice (Yeah~), so she can accept your apologies as much as she can pretend to accept things for now and wait for a pay back revenge in the future (Is NOT true! Erm maybe some part of it is... =X). If you are nice to hear, she will double that to you as well. A real fair woman.

She likes to make and spent money (Any part time job for me?). She likes to have fame and reputations (Deep inside maybe?), and never let herself broke and have no name (That SHOULD never happen!) at the same time. She is too proud and will not accept status of being "Poor". She loves to have face (I don wanna admit it but yea...), so if you are a manager with small salary, she will be proud more than more money being a truck driver. She hates to think and she cannot stand a feeling of being a "Nobody".

If you like her, play a little hard to get. This will excite her a bit. When you go out on a date, set your schedule, but do not let she knows that you have planned this for weeks (Who'll actually do that huh =="). Always go to pick her up on time or better to go 5-10 minutes early.

Well well.. Majority is true.. Damn... Now you all knows the truth inside of me! ><