Tuesday, August 25, 2009

In KL once again..

Now back in kl lu... 1 week is sooooo short!

Anyway, I'm happy enough thou able to go back home =)

My last outing was on friday, and here's some pictures i took..

Early in the morning me, my aunt and her friend went out to have our breakfast... We ordered dim sum and kampua.. The food was not really nice thou... Too bad for me...

Noon time, went to miaw's house... Did something to my hair again xD Look mature huh?

The use of mirror.. LOL (Do we look alike somehow? A lil bit? Tiny bit?? Lol...)

Rushed back to have dinner with my family... With 1 additional member to our family... Miaw had dinner with us too, and mum take him as her son.. O.o OMG.. Now i got 2 brothers ROFL

At night we meet up with bel and yik yuen... Took pic at the same spot where me Bel and Howard once took pic together few months back.. Hahas...

One of my last pic with my kittens =)


Went to the Rahmadan Bazaar today..

Found a special food I'm sure many have not heard of it...

Telor Lompat! (Jumping egg???)

Made of flour and egg and stuff.. Lol..

It is slightly sweet and should be eaten with these slightly salty santan...

I like it! It actually taste familiar.. Like some kind of kuih but I cant recall what exactly is that.. Hrmm..

And this is called errrr OMG I forgot!!!

Is it Tepung Lilin???? Ahh damn my short term memory =(

Look damn nice but is not as nice as I thought.. this 1 is not solid enough I think.. And the white layer taste of flour... Kinda disappointed...

BBQ chicken wing is nice though.. Yum yum~

P.s. I pass ALL my chemistry theory and practical exam! So happy! Results was not bad too.. =D

P.p.s. Can't wait for the butterfly park outing this weekend.. Hope it'll be great... Will take lotssss of photossss if possible! xD


  1. ow~ so thats telor lompat...looks weird eyh...i think i've never seen such food here in kuching...hahaha...:P

  2. Hahaha! Yeah.. They say is new here leh.. dono o.. xP