Monday, June 2, 2014

Lub D Hostel @ Bangkok (Silom & Siam Square)

A vacation won't be complete without a proper place to recharge right?

Before we came to Bangkok we were having a hard time deciding where to stay
since we were on a budget but we don't want to stay at some old, run down hotel LOL. Some of the cheaper hotel at strategic location have mixed reviews, and the bad reviews seems scary! We want a relaxing and comfortable trip and getting mouldy smell in the hair and going back to a room with dirty toilet is just repulsive.

This is when my friend Siaw Yie intro me Lub D. My old school band mates have stayed in this hostel when they went to Bangkok last time, and they truly love this place. After checking the prices and reviews, we decided to give it a try.

I always wanted to stay at a hostel too cause I'd love to mingle with other backpackers from all over the world! This place seems like a good place for me to warm up and see if I'd like to go for a real backpacking trip =D They also have female only dorm so it's really convenient for a group of 3 like us.

Our 1st stop is Lub D Silom branch. They provide a very well elaborated direction to the hostel, whether by taxi, train ot bus! It's these kind of small things that give us a really really good 1st impression about the hostel.

Silom branch is about 10minute walking distance away from BTS Chong Nongsi station. Once we reach there the ambience really wow us. We never expect hostel to look so nice!

Hostel bar.

Reading area in front of the reception counter.

Breakfast area serving free bread and hot drinks in the morning. And the door leads to a book rack and staircase to our rooms.

Our 6 bed dorm is just comfy and spacious! The shared bathroom is very clean and complete with shampoo, soap, hair dryer and even hair pins, cotton pad, hair straightener and tampons in girls' bathroom!

Oh noes!

After 3 days stay over here, we moved to Lub D Siam Square branch since it's nearer to Pratunam area, which basically is where all the big mall and shopping centers are! Lucky us, it's just right beside BTS National Stadium station! No more hassle moving our luggages hahaha

Just like its branch, both are completed with hostel bar, cosy lobby area, computer area and also theatre room. They also have washing machine and dryers too!

This van will transform into an outdoor van bar at night.

Our 4 bed female dorm looks cute here!

Comparing both hostel, Siam Square branch is slightly easier to access from the station and is extra convenient for people who want to shop around Pratunam area (within walking distance woohoo!). Best for the shoppers! However, the rooms and shared bathroom is smaller compared to Silom branch and it is more crowded here as well. Hostel is also right beside main road so the air pollution and noise pollution outside the hostel is unavoidable. However, inside the hostel we barely can notice all these flaws. But comfort wise, I think Silom branch on the upper hand here!

Just a week here in both hostel made us feel like we never want to leave! The hostel staffs are super friendly and we get to try local snacks, fruits, and even local glutinous rice wine and herbal rice wine! (P.s. anyone can remind me what are the names of the wine? Too distracted to note down while talking to friendly staffs xD) We also get to know a few friends from China and even a magician from German. It's a really good experience and I think it won't be my last as well =D

Thai words to learn, got it from reception counter!

They even provide direction to the airport!

Our doodle and note to lovely Lub D Hostel =)

Definitely will come here again!

Visit their FB page or webpage!

P.s. Do the Spicy challenge for free stay at the hostel! Joey and I managed to chomp down all chilli but cause we can't extend our stay, we gave our voucher to our new friend Echo from China. Will upload the video when I get it!


  1. I LOVE staying at LubD. Stayed there twice already. I should go check out the one in Silom! But the location of the one at National Stadium is really, REALLY good.

    1. Yeap it's prime location at it's best haha. Silom branch got less food and places around.. But it's so comfy and spacious I'm torn with choosing among them!

    2. Silom actually has more food, if you know where to look! (well, if you don't mean mall food)

  2. Thanks for travelling Thailand.
    I also like KL wanna go back

  3. Malaysian friends are always welcome.

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