Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mr. Jones' Orphanage @ Siam Paragon, Bangkok

After a short break from Bangkok post, here we are again! We always hear how people hype about Mr. Jones' Orphanage in Bangkok and since we were in that area, we decided to give it a go!

So it's really cute from the outside! And this branch have a railway theme with cute bears around it it instantly made me feel excited to go inside!

Adorable isn't it?

The range of cakes they have in the shop everyday was displayed right there once you get into the shop. Great way to make you start salivating and just can't wait to dig in! 

However when we were directed to our seats, we felt a bit uncomfortable cause the walkway is really narrow and the railway that crosses the shop is really low everyone have to bend down and walk slowly. Then we see the seats we started laughing cause it's really narrow! I don't have long legs but I struggle to sit comfortably.

Other than the display, they also show us the cakes on menu =D

Bubblegum infused milk! The name is interesting enough so we gave it a try. It's not too sweet, just a hint of bubblegum goodness and the milk is nice, not the kind of 'smelly-milk-powdery' taste. Not too bad!

'Made of Love' - Blueberry, banana and green tea smoothie! Peculiar mix huh? 1st mouthful will be a bit weird (since green tea is not a usual smoothie base for me) but then it'll be quite enjoyable to drink! Sweetness is just nice, with the taste of fruity goodness and a hint of green tea fragrance. Yum!

Strawberry sponge cake. Oh it's fluffy and nice!

And all goodies have to end with MORE goodies! This chocolate is moist and yummy, perfect to end out hi-tea session here.

Bear bears here look quite lonely. Do pay them a visit when you're in Bangkok!

 That's all for today! =D


  1. Correction: it's in Siam Center and not Siam Paragon

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