Saturday, November 21, 2009

A night to remember...

This is officially the last day we SAM students stay here together...

Will gonna miss SAM lots.. Miss my classmates... You guys rocks!
So glad i'm in G2.. With you guys, even though i'm really new to this place, I still can fit in quite well.. Thanks! =)

G2 and Miss Kwa.. Thanks sean for the pic =)

G2 again! Masquerade~ I think this pic is from je huey.. I think... =S

Mah table.. (Sunway resort hotel x) )

Food that night was ok.. I love the prawn~ *Yum*

Then after finish our food, we took lotsa pics with our frens...

Me n Eric

Me and xi kai..

Me and jocelyn..


All SAM students who attend the prom also get a free entrance ticket to MOS..
1st time clubbing.. Feel really like a bad girl >< But since we're going there as a whole bunch of people together, there's nothing much to worry =)

And I got a free drink xP (Just took a few sips lah don worry =D)

Gah~ He look drunken =="

I'll really miss my friends... Wish we can meet up again real soon..

Monday, November 16, 2009

Penang trip!

Okay, i'm back!! xD

This post will gonna be full of photos! I'll let the photos tell the story =)


Day 1

Snake temple

Snakes all over the places! *shiver*

Touching the python.. Woot! Was kinda scared at 1st xD

Penang Hill

Going up! xD
The train was super slow~ @@

Taken halfway up.. As you can see the day's really misty.. Cant really see the view behind..

And by the time we reach the top, it started raining! Unfortunately we can't see the Penang city view at night. Heard the view from up there is great but guess we're not lucky enough.

For brunch, we ate claypot chicken rice, Thai style mee goreng and chee cheong fun..These were just alright, a bit lower than my expectation.


We had great food this night!
Ate at some hawker stalls beside the road somewhere in Pulau Tikus..

Muaji! Soft n sticky glutinous rice kuih cut and rolled in grounded peanut..

The very cheap and yummy sushi~ I ate a salmon roll.. It was great =P And the price is very very reasonable.. Here's somewhere I would love to come again!

Drolling? xP
No this is not steam boat.. It's Lok-lok.. Basically steamboat with all the goodies on sticks! Unlike the usual ones beside the road, we get to sit down and enjoy! And is super cheap.. For more than 10 sticks we only spent rm11.. Unbelievable? Believe it!


Day 2

Kek Lok Si (极乐寺)

View from the tower...

Da jie and the tower..

We're not in luck again.. Not able to see Guan Yin statue as it is still under maintenance...

The Ship

A restaurant by the seaside.. Written there "best steak in town" xP

And it looks like a big big ship!

The mushroom cream soup inside is nice =D And they got outlet all over KL and Selangor~

Hard Rock Hotel

Ahhh! Michael Jackson!!!


Day 3

Dim sum for breakfast! It was not bad but still not the best dim sum yet =S

Museum Penang

The old old train people used to go up Penang Hill..

Old old government car..

Another old old car~

Wat Chaiyamangalaram Temple

The famous Sleeping Buddha (卧佛)

Dhammikarama Burmese Temple

I love this temple =D

Very nice artwork and craftsmanship..

And these are the views in the temple compound.. Nice?


Da jieeeee~ Finally step on the sand before we come back to kl...