Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gyaru makeover by NHK Kawaii TV!

I never knew our good luck is coming when Joey sms-ed me ask me and Jac (we were shopping at Timesquare that time) go Sungai Wang to find Cheesie and Audrey. Then I never knew they're actually waiting for some fans blog readers to drop by when we walked there. Oh well, what happened was, once we walk there to talk to Cheesie the camera man starts shooting then the gyaru models start spamming japanese words at us LOL. Then when I replied 'Hajimemashite' (err nice to meet you) they all go crazy then shriek 'sugoii!!' 'kawaii' like I'm some parrot that talks. Literally haha~

Then errr after some frantic attempts to understand what they're talking a translator come by (oh thank god I don wanna continue to look like a talking parrot on TV) and ask us if we are interested to join a make over programme by the NHK Kawaii TV. I dono why I'm so brave I just nodded LOL so we're in.

Since Cheesie and Audrey asked whoever interested for the gyaru make over to join them at KLCC, Joey and Renae came as well. Sighhhhh I do look stupid and out of place when I got there..

We were been brought to a hotel (OMG OMG will we get kidnapped then woke up in a bath tub full with blood and missing kidney?? Lol think too much)

Nothing happened. Lol. All the Malaysian Girls (Yuki, me, Joey, Audrey, Cheesie, Jacqueline, Renae, Yokoii)

My look. Lol I look so tired I got gastric the night before i cant sleep that's why.

My new vintage bag very cheap only! Rm30! Can you believe it? The tauke is soo nais give me so much discount TnT Go Timesquare find him! But omg I forgot the shop's name.. Only remember the name is errr some numbers, small shop near the lift..

Lie (pronounce as Lai) teaching Aud and Cheesie how to massage their face and neck. They're all so pretty in real life like dolls TnT 

Nah! Show you the room and camera man~

Maiko sensei used me as her model cause I very guai didn't make up that day LOL (or maybe I look most horrid so she can't wait to change my look FML)

Very unfair one! Cause joey didn't wear her colour contact lenses Maiko sensei gave her brand new grey lenses all the way from Japan!! It's soooo nais la I jealous =(

Half way~ Just finished trimming eyebrows and put on foundation now we all look like peeled hard boiled egg like Maiko sensei said. LOL

Okay lah I'll make this short. After few hours talking and playing around and make up and eat in the room, we were finally done! And the results.....

Joey look so different she look soooo yuki hime style TnT (snow princess), Jac's daymn hot and me, I look so tanned never mind I LIKE! =D (P.s. My hair is settled by Lie chan she's so pro just a simple sweep then I look totally different!)

Felt a lot confidence fall from the sky then I don even mind to show a bit of my fat tummy LOL Hahahahahha I think I'm crazy (P.s. till today I still feel confident omg what's wrong with me..)

Everyone! With top left - Maiko sensei and top right - Lie chan. (Heard they're Jelly fashion magazine models but why.... I can't find their pictures one TnT)

Maiko and Lie. I like Lie sooo much she's sooo nais I miss her soooo much T___________________T

Then we formed a Malaysia gyaru gang call Fourcheese LOL. Aud and Cheesie's our boss nao so anything go find them xD (JK) Yuki and Yukoii are sooooo cute together just like twins! Believe me Yuki is same age with me while Yukoii is 1 year younger. >< I look sooo mature looking in contrast (Eh Joey, adult style is what again ahh? I cant remember hahaha xP)

Then we were brought to Pavilion to be shown off lol. The 2 girls beside are some fans readers of Cheesie and Aud they look so pretty without gyaru make up I envy TnT

Confident till max that time. Even thought we were surrounded by a whole bunch of people I didn't feel a bit nervous too. Haha really, told ya the confidence fell from the sky xD

See the crowd? Lol...

Part 2 coming soon =)

P.s. My pathetic line T-T I have to update this post at Wong Kok. Lol emooooo arrrrr....


  1. heheee nice nice nice:) btw the bag only rm30 ehh>< niceee!!!!! i thought very expensive one lol

  2. Chris Wong : Yup yup waittt~

    Domo : Yala cheap tillllllll... hahaha! But the tauke ask me to bring y friends there he giv special discount la LOL U wanna go? xD

  3. adult is otona! i dunno they classify me n domokun into wat style le hmmmmmmmm <3

  4. Kai Shin : I love make overs too hope my make up skill gets better then I can help my friends do make over oso TnT

    XCB : Yay otona I must remember NAO. I think you guys might be some kawaii street style ehh...

  5. i juz watched this on air in Japan now. channel 11.
    u all looked great!