Monday, January 10, 2011

K session with my sistas =)

It'd been 1 whole month since the last time we (Joey, Jacqueline) hang out together. So, last wednesday, since our class end earlier, we decided to go for a K session at Red Box, Low Yat. Crazy us, we stayed inside there for the whole day! xD Guess we're just too lazy to move out bums and wanting to eat the dinner buffet there. Nah, just let the pictures tell you the story.

Monorel. We all wear our Uniqlo shirt. 

There was a guy right in front of me that kept on staring at us.. i got his picture down!

LOL. But seriously he look kinda freaky like that.

My outfit of the day was slightly cow girl-ish, with my fringe boots I bought at Shen zhen. Show you guys the boots some time later ya~ Don't have its pic here..



 Seriously, I can't sing =________________=


The food are not bad actually~ Oh and these were not all, we took some more desserts and fruits and food after finishing these LOL I know we sound like dinosaurs xD

Total damage for 3, after like 8 hours there? Lol. My wallet's soooo slim it don't need any weight losing anymore. I do T-T

 Some new year deco outside Low Yat. Meet pinky, reddy and goldie (LAME =___________=)

I'll end here. Night peeps.