Tuesday, January 4, 2011

CH Band Christmas Night =)

On the 28th of December, my middle school band's juniors organised a Christmas Night and they're sweet enough to invite us, all those old old graduated seniors. Since I'm free enough, I went there with my sister Vivian (who's a current band member) and some other old old people xD

The event is held at Boulevard Restaurant. Quite nice place I think~

Since it's Christmas, we'll have to exchange presents. So me and my sis prepared 3 presents (help nixon-our Maximus to wrap 1. You know, horse can't wrap good presents xD) and wrap them up in a very genius way like this...

Tadaa! Mad cute right?? Our Chicky family! xD
Daymn I missed them TnT How could I make such cute stuff but gave them away?! =P

Ohhh yes, The theme for the night is Black and White, but I'm very very pity I din bring any decent enough dress or formal wear back, and end up had to mix match whatever my family got in the closet. End up I found my poor mango blouse in a corner (I got no idea why it was there!! No wonder I can't find it earlier!) and my mum's dono how old black and white checkered skirt (I really dono how old it is. I remember seeing it since I was little xD). Have a look! Not too bad I hope =S

Curl-ed my hair. Temporary xD Oh my hair is shorter than before, if you can spot the difference...

Me and Bel. I think I look sorta plump in this outfit oh well.....

Let you have a peek at the food!
They were not bad actually~ But I'm too shy to get a second helping. Haha! Hey only guys take second round kay? All my girl friends said they were full =______________=

There were some performance by the kiddos too! Singing, dancing, instruments duet or solos.......

Percussion performance

Of course, the best part of the night is meeting with all our old friends and baby juniors and more importantly, TAKING PICTURESSSSS!

Maximus! xP

Ex-clarinet sistas~ Me, Jilly, Kham, Jane.

Erika, Jessica, Vero =)

Michelle, Jilly, Alvince. I dono why my skin tone look so 'orrible in the second pic! And this indicates I don't photoshop my photos! xD *Coz you dono HOW la!* Shuddup =='

Janey Waney Putt Putt xD

The very very old ex members!

Some toilet cam-whoring pics. Bel and Vivian my dearie sis!

Don't you think she look lovelier smilling like that? Her braces are cute 
She kinda look like Pascal thou (I'm still in Rapunzel fever I'm crazy of Rapunzel lalala~)

Some pressie we got that night.

I'll end this with my fav pic of the night.
Blurred, very fail pic, but I like it a lot =)

P.s. Ohhh ya! Curious bout why i call my sis and Nixon Pascal and Maximus? (You'll know them if you watch Rapunzel. Ah you haven watch? GO WATCH IT LAH! Niceeee I tell you!) Now here's some very very confidential photos =P

lol I have to put them real small.. Hopefully they won't kill me for exposing these xD Shhhhhhhh!

P.p.s How come I got no friend that look like Flynn Rider T__________T


  1. Hahahah!!! Nice one kitty miao~

  2. doesnt really know much people from brassband but guess you really having fun there :)

  3. Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!! How could you.... T.T When i see you, you'll get it >.<

  4. OMG, he really looks like maximus :P

  5. Nan: Woots finally back to my blog huh?
    Jamie : Yeap~ xD
    maximus : Lalala~
    Hilda : I'm not joking! xD

  6. hi christy, how to get in touch with you?got something p&c to ask u..im smith

    contact me at smith.kuku@gmail.com thanks

  7. nixon is maximus? i should have know this earlier haha then i can tell Ms. Leopard hahahahahahaha

  8. HAHAHA Ms.Leopard like maximus mer? xD

  9. Do not simply say!!!! T.T Horses are loyal =p

  10. haha no.. at least she can call him Maximus when he call her leopard xD

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