Monday, December 20, 2010

Jingle-jingle~ Christmas's near!

Another Christmas themed random post. But now Christmas is REAL near so forgive me okeh? xD

Taken right after my exams with my gals at pavilion~ I heard there are plenty of people busy camwhoring at pavilion these days. Oh well. WE CAME 1ST nonid to fight and squeeze with you all xD Early bird bah~

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Christmas's nearing! Even thought I don celebrate Christmas (I'm Christy but not a Christian =________=) I still feel rather jolly these days~ Holiday mood what! Plus all the malls had their Christmas decorations up already! *Bounce bounce* 

These photos are taken before we went for Narnia at Midvalley the other day. Don't wanna talk too much, let the photos tell you the story =)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Premier screening of The Chronicles of Narnia... IN 3D! + Dinner @ Popeye

Yup open your eyes wide peeps! I WENT FOR PREMIER SCREENING! NARNIA! IN 3D!

Maybe I'm over excited but oh ya, this is my 1st REAL 3D movie (fake 3D like Clash of the Titans is not counted okay..) Jacqueline and Joey won the tickets from Nuffnang AGAIN (If you follow their blog you'll know they won quite a number of movie tickets and vouchers from Nuffnang and WHY I NEVER GOT ANYTHING?? oh maybe it's just because I never really join those competions =____________=) and tag along me and Jojo. Too bad Jacqueline can't go at last (She went to surprise her bf read here). We tag along Amy instead~

Before going to collect our tickets, we went for a quick dinner at Popeye.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


I don't mean to not update my blog often... I just don't have the time and my connections tends to get hay-wire at times.

BUT now I got the time, I got lots of awaiting postssss, but weird thing is, I CAN'T UPLOAD MY PHOTOS!

Can't upload as in the word "loading..." will be on the upload-photo-pop-out like FOREVER. The button "Browse" or "link from....." are all not available! Pathetic!! I did my last post at Jacqueline's house where there's better connection. Now I'm back in

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ladies outing ♥

After days of stress and exams, finally we are free! And the 1st thing CJJJ (Me, Jojo, joey, Jacqueline) do on our 1st day of freedom is going out to relax of course!

Sooooooo we actually got some missions yesterday~
1. Jacqueline got CASH VOUCHERS for Tangs! Havta go to Nuffnang main office to redeem them.
2. Joey got tons of UNIQLO VOUCHERS too! Gonna go there and have a look, why is everyone soooo crazy bout this Nihon brand O.O
3. Jacqueline got FREE SLIMMING VOUCHERS from her housemate.! 4 somemore! So we can have a try each. Never experience beauty/ slimming/ facial/ spa or wadsoever else. I know I'm from jungle. I live on trees remember?!
(Why they got so many nais and free stuff huh? I oso want ler =_________=)


Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Wondering where'd I been all these while? I was busy with my sem 1 final exams + finish my broadband quota + bad weather so yeah, can't in anyway update my blog. Lol.

 I was at the library most of the time...
Saw the crazy stack of books beside my bottle? Oh well... Trying to find more info to study on @@

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

KLpac Symphonic Band BIG & BRASSY Concert! Part II

This post supposed to be up yesterday, but dono what happened to my blogger, there's no way I could even start writing this post so it's delayed till today.

If you read my previous post, you'll know that I'd a band concert last Saturday and Sunday. So here's some pictures I'd like to share with you all. Most of the pictures are stolen from facebook. I'd took some photos using my friend's camera but since he haven pass me the photos yet (and will not be anytime soon) I might as well update you all with my stolen photos first, and IF I got the photos from my friend, I might update again. Hopefully~



Wednesday, November 10, 2010

KLpac Symphonic Band BIG & BRASSY Concert!

Hey guys! It's been a long time. I'd been rather busy with all kinds of stuff these days. One of them is this coming KLpac Symphonic Band Big and Brassy concert!

You must be wondering what is this. Here, see this poster.

Monday, November 1, 2010

1st Clinical Placement

Hai peeps! I'm finally back in KL and my dear bloggie. Can't really blog back home cause my lil siblings always wanna use my laptop and I'm too tired to update anything.

I was rather happy today as I bought MAS's flight, thought there finally won't be any delays. Who knows after board and waited in the plane for ages, we was asked to leave the plane "due to technical issues" and the flight will be only be available "until further notice". Goshhh! Anyway kudos to MAS staffs, as they react quickly after the incident. They pass out food coupons for us, but before we manage to use it we're asked to board again. Haha! Delayed for about 40minutes, but at least I reach KL safe and sound =)

Got a shock when I just reach my college/hostel. After 3 weeks missing in action, now my college look totally different after all the constructions and I can't be sure where is my hostel LOL. Maybe I'm just blur after the tiring flight. Hahas~


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Life just can't last forever.

I'd been gone from my bloggie for ages! Being quite busy before this, then a very sudden news got to me on Wednesday. My grandma just passed away. Sigh life is so fragile... So I rushed back to Marudi (my hometown) and will miss the next week's class. Not going back to KL since I'll have to come back here on Friday for my clinical placement in Columbia Hospital.

And I guess my phone is dead. Dropped it into the pipe in toilet and had it soak in there for quite a few minute before mum finally save it out for me. Sigh. Life just can't last forever right? Human, other living things, or even non living like my phone.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vinnie's birthday @ Tbowl

Me and Jojo was rotting in our room yesterday when Siaw Yie told us she's going out to Sungai Wang later to celebrate Vinnie's birthday. Since we're really bored here we *thick face* asked Siaw Yie to let us follow them. Not that we don't know her friends what~ Know they won't mind it =P

Didn't take much photos thought. Not too familiar with the whole bunch plus they're not taking photos themselves. It'll be real weird if I ask them to pose for me LOL.

So I took a picture of them before they get onto the bus without their consent. =P

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Spooky newpaper that travels through time!

I know I should study but you know, study is not as attractive as surfing net right? =P

So when I was busy surfing my friend linked me to this forum, and I found the most spooky newspaper ever here!

Tell me, what normal newspaper can travel through 20+ years of time?

This 1 can!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kettle hunt

Firstly, I would like to say goodbye to one of my faithful companion, who's willing to help me out whenever I need her, no matter it's early morning or late night, even on rainy days. When I need her, there she's, her warmth seep into deep into me, giving me comfort. Now she's leaving me, and the loss is terrible for me..

Oh dear kettle!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Earthquake in Kuala Lumpur!

This is terrible! I actually FELT the earthquake just now! For the first time in my life actually. I know there was some minor earthquake here in KL before but it's really really "minor" until I can't felt it at all. But this time, it actually had physical damage upon my belongings ='(

Me and my roommie Jojo was enjoying ourselves staring blank outside the window together when we felt a sudden shudder, than "WHAM". We turned to the source of the sound (which is my table, so it's basically right beside me duh) and had our jaws dropped onto the floor. Literally. You know what happened? You won't believe your eyes!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I know I'm slow in updates, but my line is terribly slow, I can't upload my pictures so yeah, I guess I'll write more than uploading pictures now. I need to train my writing skills too! I'm starting to forget terms and words.. T-T

 Allow me to write this post in chinese =)



记得小时候啊,大人们都教我们不可以说谎,要诚实。 我家的家教很严,一直都不敢说谎,以免被爸爸用藤编伺候。到现在我都不会说谎耶!本来是件值得骄傲的事(呵呵),但在出来见了市面后才知道诚实不 in 了~不会说谎很吃亏的叻!还记得有一次被外国人搭讪,就尽问些我电话号码,“非死不可” Facebook 帐号啦,有没有去夜店啦... 拜托!我看起来像是去外面鬼混的女子嚒?(或许看起来有一点啦,不过我真的很乖很乖的啦!!!)真是被他问的无话可说。不想回答他也不行,他不放过我,一直喋喋不休。不大汗啊~想要说些谎话唬他,才发现我一句谎话也说不出口 ==“ 那些睁着眼睛说瞎话的人是怎么办到的啦??教我好吗?我的话叻,一出口就会被人拆穿咯。结结巴巴的,整个对话只有一个谎话听起来最真 : "My boyfriend don't like me to give random guys my facebook or msn account.” 好在他的巴士很快就到了,不然我觉得我会当场撞墙死掉算了。诶?没墙可撞,撞车吧~

说到同情心叻,我自认是个心很软的女生,小事就掉泪,读 《Harry Potter》 有本事哭 (Sirius Black 死了很伤心嘛!),《看马利与我》也哭。很正常嘛,女生本来就心软一点的。偏偏就有人利用我这弱点,加上对故乡的思念想骗我的钱叻!说什么只是签个名支持啦~也是砂拉越人啦~蠢蠢的我就签了耶!签了过后她要求我捐 RM20,不过当时我狠下心说了句:“我是穷学生,没钱。”就走了。其实是真的没钱啦,不然可能会被骗了。 >< 朋友们,记得别上当啦!近来我心也狠了,管他三七二十一,统统不捐!我承认是有点坏,但没办法,我也要保护我自己的啊!哼哼!



Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Music Exchange Concert

I forgot to bring my card reader back to Miri! Can't upload my pictures to my laptop =S Plus really busy helping my parents in their shop and taking care my grandma at the hospital so I'm not exactly free to think what to write here >< Tired!

Anyway, I stole some pictures of the Music Exchange Concert from my friends on Facebook~ I'll just share them here =)

The whole orchestra + band with PESS Band's conductor Ng Huck Aik. Lots of people right?

How can we forget to take photos with our dear friends?


Me and da jie Jing Xuan!

Er jie Xue Ying, me and da jie Jing Xuan~

Still us, plus Chris! Da jie's ham jv shao ==" Really speechless...

Us! Plus Danny, Tian Kuan, Kim Fong and Hao Tian~

Same gang again! Plus Brian, Chee Yan, errrr the tube player (Sorry I dono your name!), Jene (Is this your name? I can't really remember =S) and Chern Lin!
We Love taking photosss! That's why the number of people trying to get their face into the picture's getting more and more xD

Ah~ Of course, how can I forget this??

Shawn! You are not forgotten! We love you~ x) Come back earlier la! Miss ya d lah~

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Muhrai ♥

I'm going to Muhrai!

Guess you'll wonder where's that eh? Miri lah~ Muhrai is the way me and my Miri friends pronounce our sweet hometown to make it sound more pro. Lol. Sound like some foreign place ler~ =P

Going to the airport in less than an hour time. Flight at 740pm so IF I'm still so awake by the time I reach Miri, I might update about the past Music Exchange Concert!

Will be going back to Marudi tomorrow morning to attend my cousin's wedding! Hope I can get some nice pictures to blog about =)

Goodbye *Teddy bear* Twin Tower! (Picture from last year, when my hair is still wavy and cute =S)


My only family member that never talk to me in phone! See how I'll squash you stupid meow meow! Don't wanna look at the camera too pffff!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Busy busy~

Folks! Sorry for neglecting my blog again.

As you guys might not know, I'll be performing with KLpac Orchestra and PESS band (Penang State Symphonic Band) from Penang tomorrow!

Sorry for the low quality picture. I can't find better ones (=_________=)

This is my 1st time joining orchestra's performance. Yes the 1st time! Like a proper orchestra (just we got a bit more brass than normal =P). I'm so excited! Oh and you might say "I thought you joined KLpac orchestra last year too?" Nooo Noooo! I'm a KLpac symphonic band member, not orchestra. The difference of that 2 is, symphonic band got no string instruments, orchestra got. Simple definition eh? Hahaha!

Now the intro for this concert (I know it's a bit late.. But oh well~)


By : The klpac Orchestra and Penang State Symphonic Band  
Conductor : Lee Kok Leong and Ng Huck Aik
Date: 5 September (TOMORROW!)
Time: 3pm
Venue: KLpac
Ticket: NO ticket needed, admission by min. donation of RM10 at the entrance
Thinking of where to bring your families tomorrow? Come to KLpac! In this concert we'll present you with a series of well known tunes from films! You'll surely enjoy it a lot. Thinks that orchestra only play good classical music? Try watch this concert then. You'll sway with the music, I'm very sure of that!


Okay then, hope to see you guys there tomorrow! I'm so exhausted I have to sleep NOW! Will try to take some photos (or maybe steal from some other friends) tomorrow and share it with you guys here.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bloggie new look!

Remember how my old blog look like? They always say it's dark and emo. Oh well.. I love black what! And black can make my cute orange font colour shine~ While it's easy for my to highlight my post with lots of other colours too!

Started to have the idea of renovating my blog since Jacqueline has her own blog. Damn her blog is so nice! *hate hate* =P

Then I start trying out all the photo/picture editing softwares i can lay my hands on., Paint, Gimp photoshop, Photoscape, Meituxiuxiu... Bla bla bla.. Yes i don't use Photoshop, cause I dono how to! And failed to use and Gimp photoshop too. I don't have that much time to learn on9.. Sigh~

Hmm at last, I stick to the 3 softwares that I use most often : Photoscape, Meituxiuxiu and Paint. Yes PAINT, not Paint, the 1 you always open it for your lil nephew and niece to play xD
My banner for my bloggie. Guess how it originally look like?

Soooooo different right? I spent so much time to make this thingy into the banner I want @@

Then i combined 2 picture of mine and a brick wall background together. Oh and my hand to make me look like I'm holding on my precious banner (precious of course! I know it look like an old, unwanted plank but hell I spent hours editing it!).

End result~ Still acceptable I hope? =X Am not PS/editing/designing expert so this is almost the best I can do.. Sigh.. Will try for better ones in near future!

And lastly, I just changed my background from my old, steady black to this happy orangy one. I don't feel too secure thought.. But since I promised myself NOT to have too much emo elements in my life I might as well change it to the cheery orange I love. Hmmmm. I think I need time to get used to my own blog. And I want to learn how to make my very own background! And how to change it into HTML code too! Guess that'll spend another few days. Aikss~ Till I'm free then, then I'll try to do all these stuff LOL.

I guess I need another 24hours in a day. I didn't practice my clarinet, didn't go exercise, no time to explore the world of photo editing (LOL), no time to work part time (pocket $$$), no time to learn photography, no time for my Japanese learning, NOT ENOUGH TIME TO STUDY. And the list goes on and on. I wonder where I spent my time on. Sleeping, eating, FB-ing can't really used up so much of my time can it? =O

Off to sleep now.. I promised myself to sleep by 12am but look at the time now! *slap hard on my cheek* Dayme!

Tip toe to my bed (Jojo's asleep already). Sleep tight and bye~ my dear readers =)

Monday, August 30, 2010

MM's secret! =O

Wondering how Taiwan MM look so cute and photogenic all the time? (MM, Mei mei, 美眉= Pretty and cute young girls with bright big eyes =O) Now I know!


Pupil enlargement colour contact lenses!

Yea you all must be saying "cheh~ I knew it for ages already!" Sorry but at 1st I thought "It's just a pair of contact lenses, what difference will it make?" and "Won't my eyes look fake?" Never want to try it before until now.

I bought it with JJJ. It's only RM30 include postage and since the others wanna order it too, why not give it a try? After trying it, it does make some difference thought.

Hmm eyes look bigger and more refreshed..

Close view : Not too unnatural compare to other colour.. I'm wearing brown =)

Normal colour contact lens
Pupil enlargement contact lens. Not much difference eh? It's just 1.5mm bigger LOL

More photogenic without make up @@

Know this girl? One Taiwan actress, famous MM too, Gui Gui 鬼鬼~

She's such a natural beauty. Don't wear colour contact lenses but got cute, dolly look..

Tried to fake her look so here's the result:

Erm.. Don't really look like her but hey, I'm a beginner in make up! At least I look more dolly than I really am. And the more rounded eyes (oh oh! And I got big bunny teeth too like her!) And my friend say I look sort of like a 14years old MM. Really LOL.

Tried some other look =X

Nowadays I like to tie the all up and bun my hair for camwhoring purpose. Don't really do that style and go out though because I can't do a nice bun without baby hairs loosing off here and there and laughed by some of my friends (say my bun look too messy/ look like grandma/ looks stupid/ as if tumour growing on my head =X). What to do? Here you can't look too unique. People'll stare and comment about you and hell I hate being stared at like I'm from a circus or what ==" Plus I'm studying Physiotherapy, I'm suppose to take care of my 'Professionalism' and image Rawww! Guess dolling myself up is not really applicable =S

May be I should try Korean style. More mature, less dolly make up compared to Japan and Taiwan girls.

Like her! Kim So Eun, who acts in Boys Over Flower. She's cute and pretty isn't she?

That's why I tried this dress. It's cute but mature looking as well! But didn't buy it again xD
Unless I earn some money on my own then may be I'll buy =P

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Orientation & Darsh's Birthday

On the 13th (Friday), our Cohort 3 seniors organized an orientation for us Cohort 4 students, to make us know our seniors and make our new batch and old batch students in Cohort 4 mix more well.

Sooooo~ We were divided into many groups of 4 or 3, and we had station games! My group was Group G, and Chris was in the same group with me with another 2 girls from the July intake. We had to think of our group cheer but the 1st thing that came to me and Chris's mind in Gee by Girls Generation for heaven's sake xD

 End up, our cheer is kinda lame.
"Team G! G G G! Gambateh! YEAH!" Lol and all the others can hear was my high pitched shouting xP

We played at 5 different stations, all the games are fun! I got myself wet in the pass-the-water-in-the-paper-cup-to-your-teammate's-head game (damn no better name for it ==") and since we lose, our cheeks are drawn with flour. Oh yea, we were drawn with some cheap lipstick which is damn hard to wash off.. And at the last station, our senior drawn our whole face with watercolour! I want naruto but nobody draw that for me =( Look more like red-indian thou~ Hahaha..

 Some Pictures of CCJJJ!

Our background : Welcoming ceremony for the medical students. Why so unfair.. We physiotherapist also want ler.. Not that our course is easy or what.. In some ways it's harder than MBBS you know? =(


14th, It's Darsh's 21st birthday! She invited us to her birthday party and we all got a great surprise when we got there.. They had the canopy tents on! Wow.. And chef cooking mee goreng on the spot too! The whole place is purple, and Darsh look extremely pretty that day =)

Hrmm to cut the story short, we all had fun that day~ xD Let the pictures tell you the story yea!

The name necklace I choose~ Given by CCJJJ to Darsh~

Nicely wrapped right? I feel so proud of it =P

The very purple stage =)

Trying to act gangsters but.. FAILED!

Busy eating... Food was good heh? =D

Me doing the thing I do best.. EAT! (everyone stopped eating already that time but I just can't resist the temptation to finish the food on the table.... so....)

Me and ma bro Chris. Oops, my mouth is still stuffed with food so... Sorry yea! I look sort of chipmunk-ish..

The girls!

Everyone from Cohort 4 that attended the party~ With Darsh~

Of course, how can I forget this 1? Me and Darsh, who's in her 2nd outfit~ Her 1st was purple colour sari.. Super nice =)

And lastly, me in Ai Yean's scarf. I look like a non-chinese =O
Hrmm.. Bidayuh? Kayan? lol~~