Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Orientation & Darsh's Birthday

On the 13th (Friday), our Cohort 3 seniors organized an orientation for us Cohort 4 students, to make us know our seniors and make our new batch and old batch students in Cohort 4 mix more well.

Sooooo~ We were divided into many groups of 4 or 3, and we had station games! My group was Group G, and Chris was in the same group with me with another 2 girls from the July intake. We had to think of our group cheer but the 1st thing that came to me and Chris's mind in Gee by Girls Generation for heaven's sake xD

 End up, our cheer is kinda lame.
"Team G! G G G! Gambateh! YEAH!" Lol and all the others can hear was my high pitched shouting xP

We played at 5 different stations, all the games are fun! I got myself wet in the pass-the-water-in-the-paper-cup-to-your-teammate's-head game (damn no better name for it ==") and since we lose, our cheeks are drawn with flour. Oh yea, we were drawn with some cheap lipstick which is damn hard to wash off.. And at the last station, our senior drawn our whole face with watercolour! I want naruto but nobody draw that for me =( Look more like red-indian thou~ Hahaha..

 Some Pictures of CCJJJ!

Our background : Welcoming ceremony for the medical students. Why so unfair.. We physiotherapist also want ler.. Not that our course is easy or what.. In some ways it's harder than MBBS you know? =(


14th, It's Darsh's 21st birthday! She invited us to her birthday party and we all got a great surprise when we got there.. They had the canopy tents on! Wow.. And chef cooking mee goreng on the spot too! The whole place is purple, and Darsh look extremely pretty that day =)

Hrmm to cut the story short, we all had fun that day~ xD Let the pictures tell you the story yea!

The name necklace I choose~ Given by CCJJJ to Darsh~

Nicely wrapped right? I feel so proud of it =P

The very purple stage =)

Trying to act gangsters but.. FAILED!

Busy eating... Food was good heh? =D

Me doing the thing I do best.. EAT! (everyone stopped eating already that time but I just can't resist the temptation to finish the food on the table.... so....)

Me and ma bro Chris. Oops, my mouth is still stuffed with food so... Sorry yea! I look sort of chipmunk-ish..

The girls!

Everyone from Cohort 4 that attended the party~ With Darsh~

Of course, how can I forget this 1? Me and Darsh, who's in her 2nd outfit~ Her 1st was purple colour sari.. Super nice =)

And lastly, me in Ai Yean's scarf. I look like a non-chinese =O
Hrmm.. Bidayuh? Kayan? lol~~

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