Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Petaling Street short food trip! Wantan Mee and Shin Kee beef noodles @ Petaling Street

Just came back from my lil hometown Marudi for a few days~ Gonna update bout my trip back soon. Extremely busy these days as I have to work for parents >< 

Wanna post some old pics of our short trip (me. Jac and Joey AGAIN) to Petaling Street before Chinese New Year here. We got no class on that day so we're free to go!

All wearing checkered shirt! =D

 Poor student only can use public transport TnT

Me and my fringe boots~ I love them xD

Fake tourist shot xD Ehhhh I look very short like that la TnT

 Look at all the angmos! The whole place is filled with foreigners @@ 

 This is supposed to be a food trip (plus it's lunch time we're starving plus I didn't eat my breakfast) so our 1st stop is the shop where Jac claims they have the best wan tan mee in the whole Kuala Lumpur. Only me and Jac ordered because Joey wanna eat at the shop she claims that they have to best beef noodle in Kuala Lumpur LOL. I got a bit phobia of beef noodle (terrible experience the 1st time I ate beef noodle. I was sick, ate the noodle then puke LOL. After that I can't say I like beef noodle... You know..) and decided to fill up my empty tummy 1st here.

This place! Featured in the papers before too~

 Aunty making wan tan (dumplings). 

The shop is very small really.. We have to wait for a few minutes to get a seat. Despite the insufficient seats, people still queue outside @@ See how popular are they?

 And Tadaa! Our nom! It's pretty good I can say. The sauce is nice while the noodle is chewy~ It's wan tan soup is tasty too! Would like to eat it again one day.

Our next stop is the beef noodle shop.

Which is even more pro, featured by Astro programme LOL

He's very sensitive to camera I think. Hello boss!

Dry beef noodle (hor fun actually xD). 

It kinda look like spaghetti right? Not the type that will start my beef-noodle-phobia so I ate some. AND IT'S AMAZING. Then I ordered one too to share with Joey. Means Joey and me ate extra half set each xD I think the highlight of this beef noodle is the soup. It's very nice! Very nicely stewed bone soup and the beef slices are cooked to perfection, not too hard or raw =3

Continue to walk around Petaling Street after the very enjoyable meal.

Uh oh.. Looks like it's going to rain at any moment...

Joey forced me to take her photo in front the dried meat stall when Jac's buying them. =_________=

It may look tasty, but when viewed from the back of the stall......

Urghhhh! Zombie ducks? Predator ducks?? Wth I don wanna eat them anymore =_____________=

Hokkien uncle selling snacks~ 

Bought this from the uncle. Yummeh! My mother side granny love it too but I got no idea what is it called.

Of course! It's Chinese New Year so Bak Gua is a must! And Wo Lai Ye is my parents' all time favourite. Helped some other friends buy too thus....

Tadaaa! We got the free trolley from them to bring the crazy amount of Bak Gua back. Look like we're promoting the Bak Gua thou. Haha!

Spotted this opposite the Bak Gua shop. Look like some deserted theme park's decoration. Anyone can tell me why are they here? @@

Another favourite food of mine. Roasted chestnut! Mmmmmmm!

 The famous taufu fah place. I think it's not bad but my granny's taufu fah is 100times more yummy than this! No joke!

Want some? Ahhhhhhhhhhh~ *open mouth wide*

Manage to get on bus before the drizzle become heavy. Phuhhhhhh! I really stuffed myself up that day xD


Felt random that day and try to make my double eyelids into parallel double eyelid. LOL! I was bored being alone in the room what....

Okeh right? I can have big round eyes too xP

Okayyyyyyy I have to pack nao going back to KL tomorrow. Gahhhhhhhhh! Bye~


  1. I really enjoyed looking at your photos, would love to visit the place one day.

  2. What series of contact lens are you using? Niceeee (:

  3. Mayet : Go visit then! The beef noodle is really nice xD

    Hilda : Barbie lenses.. if not mistaken xP

  4. haha wahhhh so much good food in Petaling street

  5. eh christy, got one of ur pic look like lai chan leh!

  6. Kian Fai : A lot ppl ask us to buy bahhh =)

    jfook : Haha yeah xD

    Joey : WHICH ONE???

  7. the one below the 'he's very sensitive to the camera i think. hello boss.' got lai chan feel leh!

  8. Ya mer? Gosh my face much bigger than hers lo dono how to be more like her lea. Haha