Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chinese New Year celebration @ Marudi Part 3

The 1st day of chinese new year!

Started off the day by eating breakfast at mum side granny's house, and got this bunch of unexpected guests! 

Saw one very very familiar guy.... Who's actually my ex classmate in secondary school, who I just knew is one of my cousins as well =_____________=

 Look of the day!

 No big eye contact lenses no fake lashes no heavy makeup. Lazy lahhh.


 Look alike?

My family with my grandaunt~ 

 One of my very very VERY naughty lil cousin. But cuteee! =D He knows how to wash dishes and sweep and all those house chores. Sweet isn't he?

My twin cousins who refuse to let anyone carry them except their parents. Cute max!

Lunch at granny's place too! But lunch is prepared by my uncles. Pro or not? VERY NAIS & YUMMEH I TELL YOU!

Next stop, aunt's house.

Kawaii! *heart*

See the kiddo in orange and yellow? My cookie monster cousin. He got that name cause he refuse to eat anything except cookies =_______________=

Naughty max, keep running to the road. I had to chase all over the place to save him. Sooooooo exhausted ahhh TnT

Another aunt's house.

I know, the cat look almost the same. Haha!

Visited my dad side uncle's house at night with the big family...

And the big family meant.....

and this is not everyone yet! xD

Hide mum's face cause she was sleeping. ><

Ricky : Drink this and you'll be as vain as me. LOL

It taste like cough medicine =__________= Yerrrrrr...

Went back to Miri on the 2nd day of CNY using express boat like this...

Oh ya before we left we ate the famous Marudi kueh tiaw at my uncle's shop!

See how thick is the kueh tiaw? All homemade and handmade! It's very chewy and you can only get it here in Marudi.  =D

Some random pics before I end this post..
 See my sis, isn't she cuteee? =D

I can be cute oso like this!

 Hahahah Okay la Just joking, don't run away woi! xD


  1. eh i never see kueh tiao this thick before leh

  2. No big eye contact lenses no fake lashes no heavy makeup~~~ Naissss ^_____^

    But the last pic seriously LOL!! xD

  3. lol... so cute ah... a very happening gathering u had there! :)

  4. XCB : of coz lah only in Marudi mah! *promoting hometown*

    Aninymous : Hahahah Thank god u haven run away!

    Henry : Yup!

  5. Ah... MIRI!!!!
    nxt time i wanna go there!! XD
    PS: I love the new background!!!