Monday, February 21, 2011

MUCCLS Prom Night 2011

It was our MUCCLS (Mahsa University College Chinese Language Society - very new society in Mahsa and our bunch are the pioneers Lol lol..) Prom night last friday. Held in Crystal Crown Hotel, it was a success =) Even thought I was having a bad flu and headache and all, I still had a lot of fun! Btw thanks yen yao for the medicine! =)

Don't wanna talk so much now~

New bangles and bag for prom!

 Joey can't stop camwhoring with my camera =_____________=

See my sickly face TnT Have to wear thick jacket coz I was cold like what TnT

 This is lol coz we got 2 extra hands to help us camwhore HAHAHA.

I like this super blur pic coz it reduces my legendary-double-layered-eye-bags. 

Legendary. I'm so lazy to edit my photos so nao I can show off my legendary-double-layer-eye-bags. Yay.

Enough camwhoring. Back to work nao~


Food was quite nice. I love their mushroom soup! They got smoked salmon as well but I'd prefer raw salmon more. *nomsss*

 Itadakimasu =3

 We got a lot nais performance that night~
 24 season drum from UM. VERY NAIS I TELL YOU.

Saxaphone solo. Nais. Maybe I should do a clarinet solo next year. LOL.

 Wonder Girls Nobody performance by Hilda and Joeann and their friends. Nais.

Emcee of the night.

Playing games.

Oh ya. We played an angpau blind date thingy which is basically single girls will choose an angpau with a single guy's name inside it and we're suppose to find out who's that. And walau this is what I call fate la. Me and Joey got a pair of besties. LOL. And *cough* they're quite cute lah haha.

Black and white. Nais.

Prom king.

and prom queen. I wonder why she looks familiar. 


 Me joey hajar.


 Kew, Joey, Hajar

Physio degree cohort 4. My les partner wanna kiss me again. Aiyooo so sweet~



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