Friday, February 25, 2011

Outing. Disguised as Gyarus.

Procrastinating these days, so until now then I update my blog again. It's also because of me finishing my pathetic broadband quota, thus I cant have a decent steady connection to post anything. 

Hmm. So, last Saturday, me, Jac and Joey finally got the time to meet up with Yuki and Yokoii that we get to know through the NHK Kawaii TV screening last time. We'd been rejecting and postponing the outing for dono how many times until we all feel very paiseh and squeeze out 1 day to hang out with them. 

It's very unusual for me to have big clear eyes like this so I think it worth 2 photos. LOL.

I dress up more kawaii than usual that day I think my mum will be very touched and cry =____________=

Jac jac =D

Me and Jac reach Timesquare earlier so we camwhore until Yuki reach =_________________=

She's sooo dolly looking until some random malay lady pass by and got a shocked and start calling her patung. LOL.

Then.... allow me to spam a lot of photos down here, coz after Yokoii and Joey joined us, our outing is more like a.... Camwhoring session wth.

Uglyfying myself as if I'm not ugly enough.

Covering our faces to erm... Make our face seems smaller. Lol.

God knows why we all squeeze in front of the toilet mirror and camwhore =______________=

Then we went out of the toilet... and continue camwhoring =__________________=

Taken by my camera's self timer with the 3 continuous shot thingy. Pretty phailed actually.

This is nice.  But behind the scene.....


Joey bought a vintage bag too yay~

Went home with a bit disappointed.. We didnt get to eat MCD's double twist! They cheat one =(

I think I'm getting hay-wired. I bought this romper which I won't really wear much. Coz it's too cute LOL.

Like. Er.. Cute. Ignore the massive bunch of shoes behind.

Definitely will give this one to my younger sis la. This is too cute for me I don wanna wear =___________= 

Okay that's all for today, thanks for reading my post that is not worth reading. Bai.


  1. LOL ok got few photo got some problem =P

  2. Hilda : Thanksss =)
    Kian fai : i don think i wanna know what prob is that. Lol

  3. Aww you girls are so cute and I'm envy as there's so few gyarus/gal in Malaysia also not even one in my circle of friends. Wish to meet up with you girls someday♥ :D