Saturday, February 12, 2011

Chinese New Year celebration @ Marudi Part 2

Finally it's new year eve! Of course we have to go back to dad's side grandpa's place. Even thought we don't really celebrate Chinese new year this year (as my grandma passed away) reunion dinner is still a must!

From grandpa's house.

Not everyone came back this year. But our family is still very very big (HAHA!). We need 4 tables to accommodate everyone!

1 and 2 in the living room for all papas and mamas and grandpa and few eldest grandson..

Then 3 and 4 in the dining room beside living room for the kids (LOL I'm still kid here xD)
I got 2 uncles who open cafe here so no prob in finding extra tables and plates and fork and spoon and so on haha.

FOOD! There're some more other than these xD These were the work of a bunch of daughter in laws and daughter of y grandpa~ Yummehhh!

Cousin Amy busy eating ignoring us =___________= 

Took family photos after the dinner. Not everyone's here again. Some cousins and uncles went out to dono where @@

My family with grandpa~ Don't you think I look like my grandpa? =D

Grandsons. Most of the others went out to visit friends already. Oh well...

Girls power! Granddaughters and mums (except for lil david who insist he must be in the photo xD)

After fooling around with cousins for a few hours, the highlight of the night is finally here!

Sis and lil cousin waiting patiently...

Random shot of next door's tanglung.

Firecrackers again! =D

Then finally, HANABI! 

This one kinda phail.. Hands was shaking that's why..

 They lasted for like half and hour or more. Awesome! It's officially the Bunny Year already! =D

More photos soon! =D


  1. tis cam is really good!! worth it!!

  2. The fireworks are damn pretty, taken by yr S95? :D me likey!!

  3. wah ur scenery picture of your kampung very nais!

  4. Chris : Haha I knowwwwwww even thou it's not as good as dslr but enough for me for now looo...

    Hilda : Yup my babie quite okay right? =D

    XCB : Coz my kampung cute n small and peaceful of coz nais loo!

  5. Hello babe!! Your pics all very nice! ;D Btw, I duno why I cant talk to you in your cbox. Anyways you coming to carmen's house this tuesday? Hope to see you! ;)

  6. wow great photo!!! =D and Happy V DAY!!!

  7. Kian fai : Thanksss! Happy V day to u to *belated*