Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Sorry for not updating my blog as soon as possible... These days had been surprisingly busy with part time job, wind ensemble, band and going out with friends... Only got the time to update my blog today because I went home earlier xP Stomach ache! Damn.. Luckily now ok edi...

Now now now.. The mooncakes i promised to update about..

Tea mooncake with 2 layers of different flavoured tea paste... xP

Pandan paste with custard in the center...

KLPAC concert is this coming weekend! Busy practicing.. So nervous ><

Hope got time to update bout butterfly park trip soon.. And concert too! xP

I HOPE... Not promised yet ah!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's over! =D

Exam's over!!!

Relaxing time! (model : Piggy the key chain)

Finally I can breath freely and sleep as long as i like xD

Before the exam.....

Due to exam stress, jocelyn gets crazy and kissed a croc!

And me, grab Hei hei and force him to pose with me.. Look at the tired look of mine... I was trying to convince myself that i'm not tired at all... But it seem useless...

Owh, my table was a mess! There is no place i can reach without knocking over some books, papers, bottle...

It was messier... But i try to make them look tidier before i take this pic =P
Hei hei was forced to sit on top of the whole pile of useless reference book (you know i don't like to study), novels and dictionary.. Rabbit trying to make me notice her cause I forced her to squeeze in tat small corner... Lol..

My laptop was forced to rest, as you can see I'm piling my chemistry notes on top of it (Or you cant see my laptop? Haha!) And i got my bio notes beside my bed... Gonna go crazy like this..

And now, after exam, I finally can have space to lay my arms on and play my laptop!

Finish exam.. Means is time to shop!

Went to Sunway with shujun straight after last paper on thursday

Ate durian pancake! Yummy~~

Coffee? Nope! Is black glutinous rice tong shui added with milk... Created by our shujun shi fu! Nice right??

Trying out high heels... White 1 was nicer!! But i'm damn poor.. Cant afford it =(

Today, went to timesquare alone to get a black skirt for my part time job.. Then rush for my job training.. So tired..

After that meet up with ah mao and had a nice dinner at some Hong Kong restaurant..

Nice? Is fried rice ohh...

Red bean drink.. (weird name.. I wonder what's its proper name? I have no idea! xP)

And he bought me mooncake! I thought I won't have the chance to eat mooncake here... Thanks ah mao! Will upload pictures of the mooncake soon I think =D

Tomorrow... OOPS! Should be later (it's 2.26am edi) I'll go out with renee!!! Woots! Cant wait!

Soooo gotta sleep soon! Or else cant wake up.. Haha!

P.s. More updates soon!!! (I hope??)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Hate exam..

Hate exam!!!

So stressed but i can't study at all..


Missed home so much... But it's almost 3 weeks since I come back to KL and mum only phone twice.. Both times she phone me just to ask me bout rental and bank account stuff.. Total phone time less than 3 min... Do you believe that???

I know you're busy mum.. But I do miss you and home.. Can't you just spend another minute or two to talk to me?


Hateful hateful hateful... Am not doing any work at all! Terrible... How can I improve like this?

Just hope I won't score too bad for this exam ><

Emo-ing with his master... Poor lil thing ><

Just wanna speak my feelings out.. I'll be okay soon... I hope....

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Random x)

Heehee.. An evidence of me not concentrating in class x)

Played with this block =)

My sweet little pendrive =) Bought it last year at kuching's PC fair..

1 of my birthday present.. From Karen =)

A gift from melaka... Given by xing yee..

Shu Jun's lil blue fish =) Sooo cuteeee...

I love photography... Even thought i only got 3.2mp phone camera... But still kinda nice....

I L-O-V-E it!!! x)

p.s. No mood to study arrrrr.......

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's a Sunway weekend xO

Friday I went to Sunway to do some simple shopping..

Saturday I went to Sunway AGAIN to watch MPYO concert..

Walk walk and ate late lunch with my mj da jie.. Thanks for accompany me ^^

And wear my new dress! I know I can wear casual a bit.. But I don't care! Muahaha!

The hall where the concert is held.. Music was niceeeee =D

Then monday.. I went to...... SUNWAY again.. Lolz..

This time i'm with siaw yie and seng kin... Watched people belly dancing with snakes O.o

I wore like this, trying to mix-match the clothes in my closet.. I think it's still ok right?


Tadaa!!! LALA enough??

Big hp hanger, pink bag, cap, earphone, typical LALA look! I know some of you are shrieking now *What sense of fashion is that???* *The colours my dear... The COLOURS...*

Haha! Clashing colours!!! Don't worry I won't go out shopping like this xP


Found my 1st performance in KL picturesss from Taylor symphony band's blog..

Performance was at my campus for the Kiwanis / Circle K installation night..

p.s. We only have 1 evening and 1 morning to brush up the music we play that night xD

Some short practices outside the hall..

Performing.. With ah hooi soloing... Bravo for the keat hwa 2006 national competition soloist! xD

Our group photo!
From left: Theng Hooi, Errol, the-one-and-only MOI, Ling Fei and Wen Harn


For the coming KLPAC WE concert

I'd like to present you

The clarinet family! XOXO

Even thou I have no idea how many of the clarinetists will be performing.. We're losing our brothers and sisters... But I still love you all!!! Jia you jia you!

P.s. Oh damn examsssss are coming again! Stressed up!!!