Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Princess Coco Chocolaterie (Sydney)

*UPDATE: This restaurant is no longer in service*

Visited Sydney to around end of June to help boyfie settle in. So why waste the chance to nom around and have fun?

Came to know Princess Coco Chocolaterie
since boyfie's sister was still working here as a pastry chef when we went Sydney. (Btw she's the most awesome pastry chef ever!) It's located not too far from a lot of attractions, for example Darling Harbour and China Town are both within walking distance.

With such Princess-y name, the ambience is actually not disappointing! A place that can make any girl feels like a princess. And I don't even like being so girlish hahaha. But no, not pink, fret not! (Bet some girls might squeal in disapproval here.)

I don't think we'll see much chandeliers used in cafes here in Malaysia. Needless to mention about purple velvet couches they have here. Hang on more pictures soon!

Of course, CHOCOLATES! 

Never forget cakes. Princess's essential high tea food. Nice nice cakes. Beautiful cakes. Mmmmmmmm

Since it was too early to go anywhere yet, we decided to have our breakfast here.

Egg benedict. With salmon. ON WAFFLE. And it taste AMAZING. Okay I might not be entirely fair about this since I love salmon so much, but I love the fluffiness of the waffle and also it's crunchiness outer shell. It matches perfectly with the creamy toppings. And the best thing is, the oh-so-yummy-watery yolk will all be trapped in waffle! No more messy plate with so much wasted yolk! What can be more perfect than that?

Banana toast. Can't decide whether to eat cake of bread in the morning? How bout this?
Toasted until slightly crunchy on the outside and edges, but soft on the inside with thick and nice smell of banana. For me the texture and taste is more like cake than bread, but nonetheless a yummy toast to start the day with.

After a blissful meal. *drink tea like a lady*

<3 be="" br="" don="" girl="" like="" pampered="" t="" to="" which="">

We came back again in the evening to hitch a ride from his sister to get home. But since we still have to wait for a while, it means more noms!


No it's not JUST hot chocolate.
This is so far my favourite drink during the whole trip. It's called Earl Grey Chocolat Noir. Guess the name itself will give you an idea what's it made from. Yes Earl Grey tea and chocolate drink combined, with home-made marshmallow cubes coated with coconut shavings at the side.

How it taste like?

IT MADE ME FEEL BEAUTIFUL. Classy even. Like I'm wearing long Victorian dress and having tea with my friends in a garden with a beautiful lake view on a sunny day.

Somewhat like this!

I must look absent for a minute cause boyfie stared at me and asked me what happened HAHAHA. Told him I feel beautiful. Needless to say he showed me a super puzzled look. So I asked him to try.

AND HE SAID IT TASTE LIKE A DISNEY PRINCESS. HAHAHA wth. Don't ask me why he know how a Disney princess taste like, ask him xD

But after a while I feel like it could taste like Bella from beauty and the beast wtf. Until I put in the coated marshmallow. OOOOHHHHH. How can a drink is a tea and a chocolate drink but taste like coconut at the same time? It's already very fragrant and soothing with the earl grey, but it became slightly more exotic. Like Pocahontas. Seriously!

Then this came. Just a everyday banana smoothie. Until you took a sip from it.
I usually don't like banana smoothie that much cause it's always too creamy, or too sweet, or too thick it's gonna stop flowing RIGHT THERE when you're struggling to swallow.

But this. Is. Something.

It's smoothing and soothing and cooling I feel like if I ever get heartbroken I'd want one of this. Not like I want my heart to be broken choiii *touch wood* but it's really that soothing.

Maybe it's the right amount of creaminess and not overly sweet banana taste. Or because it's so smooth but yet cooling unlike some other smoothies when you feel like you're literally drinking ice. Or maybe it's the faint hint of coconut milk that perfected the taste out. Yummsss!

Then the Japanese waitress place this down on our table. O.o

Found out it's from boyfie's sister and it's not on the menu. So shhhhh xD
We dug in. And it's everything a good chocolate brownie with vanila ice-cream should be like. Thick and rich chocolate brownie served warm with ice cold vanilla ice-cream. They blend in so nicely and I think we finished it in seconds. No joke xD What a way to end a day huh.

Guess that's all for tonight. More post on Sydney trip soon! Sorry for making you all hungry at this hour =X


  1. Dear I like your picture that you take together with Islam, reflection of the cup! :P

    1. Haha yeah so happened that it reflected nicely lol~

  2. gahhhh hungry hahaha the pastries look perfect!

  3. The cafe looks very grand... like having a royal british atmosphere...

    1. Yup! And it's quite okay priced earning wise for a cafe like that.

  4. Wow the cafe is gorgeous! The sweets look fine too <3


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