Monday, July 29, 2013


 P.s. Yes I know this is totally unrelated =P

Since when blogging became my once in a year activity? I can't answer to that as well. Started blogging in 2009 when I just came to KL for studies. Found out many close friends in Kuching was writing blog and I started doing it as well. It made me feel better despite being quite alone
in a new place, and I was able to keep a connection with my precious friends as well.

It was never a chore for me to write a post. I usually only blogs when there's something I want to share. But I really don't know since when it became a 'event report' kind of chore. I guess that's how I lost my interest. I no longer have that special 'personal' bond with my readers. Kinda sad huh? I guess it is.

And since I always have this anti-social tendency, I rarely go out at all. No blog material unless you all want me to rant about what I read either in books or online. Hey, that actually sounds like a good idea! (probably not lol).

Excuses. I know I know xD I'd promised Jacqueline to kick start my blog again. So here I am, ranting about nonsense and knowing no one would care. But I'll definitely update you all once in a while (if there's anything to talk about at all). Need to occupy some of my time anyway, now being slightly too free (or alone?) since boyfie thrown me alone in KL while he go overseas for studies. Pffffff. (Just joking! Please don't get angry hahahaha).

So update on my Sydney trip soon! That's all for now.

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