Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Green Hornet Premier Screening @ Midvalley

Well here's another premier screening I went. It was yesterday, at Midvalley. Thanks Jac for the ticket once again! =D

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Narcissist gyaru photos! *NHK Kawaii TV makeover part 2*

After the make over the 4 of us became sooooo in love with ourselves (who are not totally ourselves wth am I talking about) and start camwhoring. Oh well... My poor camera (not really mine as well.. ) drop into the hands of Joey and Renae, who can't stop admiring themselves. Gosh. =_____________=

Seeee? Vain Girls =___________=

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gyaru makeover by NHK Kawaii TV!

I never knew our good luck is coming when Joey sms-ed me ask me and Jac (we were shopping at Timesquare that time) go Sungai Wang to find Cheesie and Audrey. Then I never knew they're actually waiting for some fans blog readers to drop by when we walked there. Oh well, what happened was, once we walk there to talk to Cheesie the camera man starts shooting then the gyaru models start spamming japanese words at us LOL. Then when I replied 'Hajimemashite' (err nice to meet you) they all go crazy then shriek 'sugoii!!' 'kawaii' like I'm some parrot that talks. Literally haha~

Then errr after some frantic attempts to understand what they're talking a translator come by (oh thank god I don wanna continue to look like a talking parrot on TV) and ask us if we are interested to join a make over programme by the NHK Kawaii TV. I dono why I'm so brave I just nodded LOL so we're in.

Since Cheesie and Audrey asked whoever interested for the gyaru make over to join them at KLCC, Joey and Renae came as well. Sighhhhh I do look stupid and out of place when I got there..

We were been brought to a hotel (OMG OMG will we get kidnapped then woke up in a bath tub full with blood and missing kidney?? Lol think too much)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Great Day 天天好天 Premier screening @ Pavilion GSC

Yesterday night, I was lucky enough to get invited by my friend Kim Fong to watch this premier screening of 'Great Day', a local movie. He got 2 tickets from cari.com. Nice right?

Monday, January 10, 2011

K session with my sistas =)

It'd been 1 whole month since the last time we (Joey, Jacqueline) hang out together. So, last wednesday, since our class end earlier, we decided to go for a K session at Red Box, Low Yat. Crazy us, we stayed inside there for the whole day! xD Guess we're just too lazy to move out bums and wanting to eat the dinner buffet there. Nah, just let the pictures tell you the story.

Monorel. We all wear our Uniqlo shirt. 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

CH Band Christmas Night =)

On the 28th of December, my middle school band's juniors organised a Christmas Night and they're sweet enough to invite us, all those old old graduated seniors. Since I'm free enough, I went there with my sister Vivian (who's a current band member) and some other old old people xD