Thursday, January 20, 2011

Narcissist gyaru photos! *NHK Kawaii TV makeover part 2*

After the make over the 4 of us became sooooo in love with ourselves (who are not totally ourselves wth am I talking about) and start camwhoring. Oh well... My poor camera (not really mine as well.. ) drop into the hands of Joey and Renae, who can't stop admiring themselves. Gosh. =_____________=

Seeee? Vain Girls =___________=

Okay lah I'm vain also I let my tummy exposed and took pic with cutie yuki and yokoii.. How come I look sooooo much older than them one =___________=

Vain bersama-sama LOL 

Camwhore everywhere even in the van on the way to Pavilion >< Love Renae's expression soooo cute!

After we finished the filming (I don't think I gave a proper goodbye to Lie and Maiko.. They're in a hurry for the midnight airplane.. I still miss them lots!) we wandered very lost around Pavilion. With all passerby looking  at us like some sort of runaway-modals. With weird guys taking out their handphones and start taking pictures of us shamelessly (WTH??). Then we decided to camwhore again. 

Trying to do the Nihon kawaii style Lol

I still think fake lashes looks weird on me. Oh btw, mum said I look not kawaii enough =( Maybe I should quit otona style (which looks better on me) and go for kawaii TnT

I can pose better if they're not staring LOL. Oh check out my new love vintage bag (RM30 Timesquare) and oxford peek-toe heels (TWD590 mad chio weih!) I'm really a cheapskate xD

We decided that gyarus should eat Japanese food. So we went to Sushi Tei~

Camwhore with my camera (Not mine =_____________=) again!

While waiting for the food we took pictures of our pressies from the NHK peoples. Yes we got presents!

They took the fake fringes each. It's a miracle that the fringes all fit their hair colour so well. Except mine. I got black hait  TnT BUT nevermind I wanna be like Lai with sexy black hair! The box of fake lashies is taken by Renae..

This is mineee! Pretty pearls aren't they? Might fit my coming prom outfit.. Hmmm...

Something we all got. NHK Kawaii TV key chain! Mad kawaii one!

Ah! Food's here!

Only ate the Temaki for dinner~

Food! =D

After dinner, we did what we do best again. Camwhore =__________________=

Kawaii style again @@

And since this is my blog, I'm gonna show some solo pics of mine BEAR WITH ME it won't hurt much =P

Okay lah giving up showing off my tummy LOL

Renae's hat.

Waiting. (p.s. I got prominent clavicle yay!)

I can have long legs too!

These girls =_____________= Even camwhore in the car..

Realize something, our styles all come in pairs! Me and Jac are Otana (Adult/mature) style, Yuki and Yokoii Kawaii sporty, Joey and Renae street girls style and Cheesie and Aud... I don wanna say later say wrong boss scold =(

Really lots of thanks to Audrey and Cheesie without them we'll never have this once in a life time opportunity >< And will never met with Yuki and Yokoii who're both soooo sweet and kawaii!

Foruchizu! Gyaru saiko!

End this with ma fav photo~
Mite! Hanabi!

P.s. I'm sooo tanned @@

P.p.s I'm emo about my flag counter.. Wanna put more flags end up have to start over again TnT