Sunday, January 2, 2011

Looking back.

New look? =P

Back to my blog again on the 1st 2nd day of 2010. My Toshiba lappie is officially dead, and now I'm once again back in KL with my new lappie. I missed my old lappie. Oh well, now I'm able to update my blog again (finally) but I really lose words. Don't know what to write @@ and I'll only update my holiday trip a lil later since my connection still sucks like drunken snail whatever..


Looking back to 2010, lot's of stuff happened heh? Some stuff that I can remember :

Crashed car (Duhhhh) and thus driving phobia till now.
Started my degree course!
Met my dearest CCJJJ gang =)
Having great friends and sisters in KLpac band.
Bought my very own clarinet. =3
Dropped my bestie's phone into the drain pipe (Duh)
Cousin sis's Shirley's wedding! =D
Followed by grandma passed away.  
Followed by cousin bro's ah kee's wedding which we all can't attend D= (Pantang.. what to do?)
Klpac Symphonic Band concert (my 2nd one =))
News about both my cousins got babies d! =DD Gonna be aunt soon~
Hong Kong and Shen Zhen trip with family =D
Oh and dead laptop ><

I think I can conclude that 2010 was a great year for me, since I gained so much friendship and have my very own baby clarinet and so much great happenings in my family (minus my grandma passed away). And seriously i feel that I'm even more close with my parents already. Well you know, normally teenagers will have some gap with their parents, some even until they're grown up and the parent-child relationship can become rather tense. I'm very very fortunate to have such open minded and lovely parents who love and cared me sooo much throughout the years even thought I'd been a rather bad kid (hot tempered bah) when I was young. Most importantly, the trust they gave me. They never ask too much or sort of like tie-me-up since I'm in KL, unlike Miri, KL is not that peaceful and simple. They, gave me their full trust, believing that I'll stay a good girl and do my best in my study (I'm proud to say I haven make them disappointed so far), even giving me the permission to join band and bought me an instrument. How could I ask for more? I hearts my parents, my family =)

I never fully walked out from the shadow of 'I-can-never-have-true-friends' until last year. I mean, hey, I'd been alone for years, then got 1 friendship, lost it, got another, lost it again, and got another which I think might last forever, and lost it again. Sometimes people treats me good because they wanna gain something from me. They can't get it, they'll just leave. Can't blame me for being a bit pessimist with so called 'bestie/ good friend' stuff. Having 1 bestie on my side all the time is considered very very lucky already. But last year, I get to know a lot of great friends who will not hesitate to stand by me anytime, and didn't ask for any return. I'm so lucky TnT  But I know I'd been a terrible friend. I can't be there all the time for you all and I can't even reply your messages all the time. Please forgive me bout the message thing, I'm getting tired of replying sms that's all, I didn't mean to ignore ><

About relationship. Haha! No luck at all. But I'm used to it already. It'd been always like that for 19 years soooo no gain no lost xD (I know some of you don't believe I'd never been in a relationship before. Well up to you lah xD). Even thought sometimes I longed to have a boyfriend, but actually I think I don't need one yet. I got great friends to occupy me and relationship is known to be complicated, troublesome and immature for teenagers like us. I'll wait! And the priority is my studies too =)

Uh, you're asking me bout my new year hopes? Well very simple. Continue be a good girl, be optimist and cherish all I got all the time, laugh and play hard, love moreee and of course no more last minute study! I'm going to make sure these will all come true =)

Ah! And peace in the world! I don't want world war 3 to come true ><


  1. wah u got new lappie jor? toshiba de? u cut ur hair a?? y ur hair in the above photo so short one? illusion? O.O

  2. Acer actually. Lol. I got my hair cut but not so short laaa. Illusion xD
    Cheat 1 learnt from cheessie xD

  3. owh great friend you have! and great that you really enjoy your study and 2010 a lot! all the best ahead for 2011.