Monday, December 20, 2010

Jingle-jingle~ Christmas's near!

Another Christmas themed random post. But now Christmas is REAL near so forgive me okeh? xD

Taken right after my exams with my gals at pavilion~ I heard there are plenty of people busy camwhoring at pavilion these days. Oh well. WE CAME 1ST nonid to fight and squeeze with you all xD Early bird bah~

Colour swap mode~ Nais o not?

Love in da air~

Ugg face! O.O

Whose's there??

Rudolf the red nose raindeer~

I do think I can imitate animals very well. This time is monkey thou =="

Ze apple!

Again! (I know it's stupid xD)

Something to scare you~

Awww~Sweet aren't they? =3

I.... Still got the animal face O.o

These flowers are daymn pretty but I tell you nothing beats the real one! They're everywhere in Hong Kong, white and red~ So nais! Why here dont have TnT

Got Christmas pixie feel o not? xD

Ohhhh and lastly I found one lovely thing here!

Harry's Stag! Expecto Patronum!


Some updates:

My laptop is in the 'hospital' again! T-T Hope it's not something too serious thou.. Can't update my Hong Kong trip right now... (yep I'd been to Hong Kong and Shen Zhen but it wasn't too cool thou.. ><)

I'm back in MIRI! So now basically my life is only jaga kedai and cuci rumah if you know what I mean =_________=

Praying for my laptop to come back soon so I can on9 and don have to fight and kick and drag my lil siblings away from the desktop just to update this post @@

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