Saturday, December 4, 2010


Christmas's nearing! Even thought I don celebrate Christmas (I'm Christy but not a Christian =________=) I still feel rather jolly these days~ Holiday mood what! Plus all the malls had their Christmas decorations up already! *Bounce bounce* 

These photos are taken before we went for Narnia at Midvalley the other day. Don't wanna talk too much, let the photos tell you the story =)



Awww =3

Joey's boots matched the giant bear perfectly =) Teddy-long-leg? Nope!

Poke poke

Jojo. The teddy don have long legs either~

Bear hug! Now THIS is Teddy-Long-Leg!

Meet Teddy-long-leg who got legs longer than the whole Jojo! 

And stay jolly always! *bounce bounce*


  1. Weeeeee am not a Xn as well, but I LOVE X-mas, with a passion~! =D I love imagining myself decorating my own X-mas tree and what-not.


  2. Hahaha if there's snow it's even better! Then I don care I must get a xmas tree! xD