Saturday, June 28, 2014

Tell Me Something I Don't Know (Studio Photo shoot)

'What it takes to make you smile
Get you not to treat me like a child'

'I'm on my way
I know I'm gonna get there someday
It doesn't help when you say
It won't be easy'

1st attempt on studio shooting 2 years back and it was fun! Photographer of the day was Jason Loh. Do check out his work on his Facebook Page! Don't hesitate to call him up for a photoshoot because he is really friendly and he do know his stuff well!


  1. wow! you got a studio? :) nice shots btw! like it! :)

    1. A friend's studio =) Just went there for a shoot haha

  2. You are so beautiful!! I love the first photo so much! *heart eyes*