Friday, July 18, 2014

Maeklong Railway Market - Amphawa Floating Market Day Trip #2

 Hello guys! Sorry for procrasinating for so long! I'm currently in Sydney for a short escape from reality so blogging doesn't seem all that appealing over here xD

Anyway, continuing our trip in Bangkok. After taking the mini van from Mahachai Seafood Market area, we finally reach the famous railway market! Pretty sure most of you have heard of it before right? If not, I'll also attach a nice video at the end of the post.

This railway market is located about 2 hours train ride away from Bangkok. Locating in Samut Songkhram district in Thailand, it look like any other ordinary market at the first sight.

This market sells everything from fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, poultry, to even household utensils. What makes this market so special is the railway track that run through the heart of the market. It doubles as a walkway for customers and tourists alike, and the shade that most stall put up along the path to shield their products away from the hot sun makes us feel like it's impossible that a train can pass through here. The railway tracks looks old and lots of the vendors even placed their products onto the track itself. 

Vain photo with the train stopping at the station is a must! *girls must be girls*

While waiting, we also had some coconut drinks. It was a bright sunny day and I was sweating like a cow so I must replenish the liquids I lost. What would be better than good ol' coconut right?

Apple, our tour guide told us that the train pass through the market 4 times a day, and assured us that it IS possible for the train to pass through the narrow path congested by customers, tourists and vendors. Soon enough, there's a alarm and warning announcement that the train is about to depart soon. And in a short few minute a nice path had been cleared for the train =O

I'm amaze at their efficiency! Canvas shades were pulled down, goods overlaying the tracks were gone and people stood clear of the cleared path. Er not all people haha. Tourists all were trying to either reach their cameras out as far as possible, or just standing on the track for a better photo of the train ascending. *point at Joey* I guess many of us thought that it'll be safe enough to stand beside the vegetable but little did we know that they are meant to pass UNDER the train itself. Concerned street vendors were busy pulling oblivious tourists into safety and only when the train pass by a few inch away from us, we feel how dangerous it could be. Train is MASSIVE and it wasn't all THAT slow so people, when the locals warn you about things you should not do, you probably should listen and follow. 

Ahh secret of their efficiency - rollers to help pulling back goods on display!

So for those who haven seen the video of the railway market, here is an informative one for you! You are welcome!

So after viewing the famous railway market, it's time for us to continue our journey to Amphawa Floating Market! Lets hop on to a Songtel (mini truck with 2 rows of seat behind, thus the literal meaning of the name 'two rows') and see you in the next post!

For more detailed directions, do check out Joey's posts ya!

Amphawa Floating Market Day Trip

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