Friday, July 25, 2014

Amphawa Floating Market Day Trip #3

Lets continue our journey to Amphawa Floating Market! In our last post, we boarded the local Songtel (mini truck with 2 row of seats) and we are heading straight to the market!

The journey was short and pleasant, and finally we arrived at our destination. 1st thing that comes to my mind when I arrive is 'wow, this place feels like home!'. The area of the market resembles the kampung (villages) back home, and the stalls by the water reminded me of the market by the river in Brunei where I grew up in.

The best part about markets is of course the street food! Unfortunately our lunch at the seafood restaurant in Mahachai Seafood Market was way too filling thus we are not able to sample more of the local delicacies D=

Assortment of fried goodies and dishes.

Locals and tourists enjoying their meal by the river.

The number of tourists in this market is significantly lower than the most popular Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, which is famous for its photogenic, colourful and bustling market. However, that doesn't mean Amphawa market is any less attractive than it! In fact, Amphawa gets a lot of locals as their customers which makes the experience more authentic, and another plus point - less scammers around. 

We decided to take a break from the walking and heat in this small ice cream shop that our tour guide introduced. They have a great variety of local favorites that is tough to find elsewhere! We decided to try their tamarind flavoured and butterfly pea flower (clitoria ternatea, commonly used in Malaysia to cook nasi kerabu). Surprise surprise! They actually taste pretty good!   

Other than the food, the handicrafts are also a main attraction here. Along the walkways there are plenty of craft shops, each carries a different product. And the good thing here is they also have many unique handicrafts that are fully handmade!

Our tour guide.

After our feet are sore and our tummies are happy, we finally head home around 4pm. The way home was uneventful - we took a mini van that send us directly back to Victoria Monument, and from there we brave through the crowd (the local protestors - victory monument is one of their main gathering point) took a train back to our hostel. 

Will I come back again? Definitely yes! But this time I'm going to eat earlier at Mahachai seafood market to make space for a super early dinner at Amphawa!

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