Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sensenique Natural Handmade Soap Review

Taking a break from the vacation post, here I'm going to review about some locally made handmade soaps!

Speaking of soap, most people turn towards liquid soap just because bar soaps are considered bulky and probably, old fashioned? Compared to most liquid soaps that give you luxurious lather that's it. However, as people are getting more aware of how harmful most of the chemical laden
commercialized soaps are (regardless it's liquid or solids), more people are turning towards natural soap bars now! Not only it's safer to use, natural soap bars are also gentle on sensitive skin and some even gives therapeutic effects!

So I'm really lucky to get the chance to review Sensenique Natural Soap from These soaps are made locally in Malaysia and they only use natural ingredients in the production! All of them are made with goody goody coconut, grapeseed, olive and sunflower oil and we all know that all these oils are like good food for our skin! Rich in vitamin A, B, C, D and E, they don't only moisturize and soothe skin, but also fights against free radical! These oils are awesome antioxidant. Exciting? Lets cut the talking see how the products fare! 

Pretty packaging that provides great protection to the lovely products inside! Don't we all hate it when our products come in miserable and dirty packagings?

Lets see what we got in here!

Sensenique Lemongrass and Orange Natural Handmade Soap

Product description: moisturizing, soothing, refreshing and uplifting. Lemongrass oil is an analgesic, anti-depressant, anti-microbial, anti-pyretic, anti-septic, astringent, bactericidal that inhibits microbial growth and protects wounds from being septic. Sweet orange contains natural AHA, which helps promote fair and lovely complexion. Orange essential oil is an anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, anti-spasmodic and anti-septic.

Sounds like a perfect soap for a stressed out day with all it's anti-depressant properties. Also is a good soap for people with skin problems. The citrusy goodness inside helps with whitening of the skin too! It doesn't have a strong lemongrass or orange smell contrary to how I imagine it would be. I'll prefer it to have a stronger smell (yummmm orange!) but this would be just nice for those who don't want themselves to smell like essential oil or insect repellent (1st thing that came into my mind with lemongrass xD)

Sensenique Cinnamon Coffee Natural Handmade Soap

Product description: antiseptic quality, warms the body and promotes blood circulation. Cinnamon oil is antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, astringent, anti-clotting, stimulating, cooling, and carminative in nature. Finely ground coffee and cinnamon powder are excellent skin cleanser that help remove dead skin cells and improves circulation and skin tone. This will help to revitalize and detoxify skin, giving a blissful glow.

Another soap that is good for skin problem! It also have added benefits as it acts as a very gentle scrub while promoting blood circulation as well. Trust me, the ground coffee and cinnamon powder are so fine you won't feel a thing other than your skin becoming smooth and squeaky clean! It smells mildly of the cinnamon but not much of the coffee. Although I'd love my soap to smell like strong coffee (perfect wake-me-up without the caffeine!), it might be better leaving the soap this way so that people won't think I spilled my coffee over myself in the morning =)

Last but not least,

Sensenique Ginger and Peppermint Natural Handmade Soap

Product description: warms the body and promotes blood circulation whilst giving a refreshing and stimulating aroma. Both ginger and peppermint oils are good anti-oxidant, anti-septic, anti-inflammatory and helps to expel wind from the body. Ginger and peppermint essential oils have been known to protect from wounds becoming septic, relax spasms, bring color to the skin and helps removes toxins from the body.

By far my favourite soap of all three! It has this mild ginger and minty smell that's quite refreshing! Other than being good for sensitive skin and people with skin problems, it claims to help expel 'wind' from the body and relax spasms! Sound like what I need so instead of just cutting out a small chunk to test (like the other 2), I used it to shower. Oh it's so nice! I can actually feel the warmth from the ginger and although it may not be the best smelling soap, I feel more relaxed after the shower. Not to mention that it's very refreshing (from the peppermint maybe?) and my skin do feel clean, smooth and moist after the shower. Should be the perfect remedy for my PMS! Guess who's stocking up soaps at home? *wink wink*

The soaps lather well too!

All the soaps performed equally well in terms of moisturising when I try them out. You can also choose the soap that is best suited with your needs. And best thing is they are so natural you can not only use them as normal body soap, you can use them as hand soap or to wash your face too! These soaps only cost RM13.90 each! Definitely worth the money for all its benefits! Do check out Sensenique Natural Handmade Soap on HERE.

Now, you can get extra offer by purchasing through the link below! 

Do comment below if you have tried the soaps too!


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