Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fifa 2014 World Cup Fever: Astro On-The-Go & Stadium Astro


Once again it's the FIFA World Cup season! Although I'm not a big fan of football, I can really feel the football fever heating up around me and I can't help but join in the fun watching some of the games too! BUT since the football live matches will be in the middle of the night due to the time differences, many of us are unable to watch it and will find it difficult to find a way to rewatch the match. But fret not, Astro is here to save the day! 

I'm very lucky to be invited by Nuffnang to the Astro On-The-Go & Stadium Astro's World Cup Blogger Event. The event was held at Hong Dae Mun @ One City Mall, a Korean style restaurant and club. I will be introducing the applications that we get to try out at the event here!

The interior looks great! But it wasn't that spacious and it was very crowded on the day.

Our Hosts giving us an in depth introduction of the various applications Astro had developed to give viewer a complete viewing experience on different digital platforms!

Bloggers playing Football Predictor.

Trying out Astro On The Go app.

 And of course, we get to play some interesting games! These are the 3 winning groups that will receive some official Fifa World Cup Merchandise! Envy much?

 Astro on the Go and #OlaBola Football predictor.

Astro had developed various application to complete our world cup viewing experience according to 4 themes - watch, play, read and listen.

#1 is the home of Astro's 2014 FIFA World Cup experience, which it will have event updates, fixtures, highlights, videos or even games on it! The website is also available in both English and Bahasa Malaysia, and those who're always on their smart phone or tablets, good news for you all! Now you can download Stadium Astro App on your phone! Now you can bring your Astro everywhere and you won't miss a match!

News feed and videos! You can literally have all of them at your fingertips!

 Astro Go 2014 FIFA World Cup app is so far my favourite! As you know I don't watch many matches, but I'd like to catch up with some of the matches I missed and to know more about the teams so I can have more topics for conversation with my football lover friends. This app provides us a detailed view of each player's stats (including physical stats, tournament stats and career stats) from each team and you can even do a stats comparison at the stats comparison centre! So easy yet so detailed and can make any noob sound pro supporting their own team! You can follow all teams' schedule as well!

If you happen to miss any match, easy! Just go to Match Replay and you get to watch the matches from day one to today!

That's not all! For every matches, you can watch EVERY THING related to the match, including replay, news, highlights and even interviews!

If that doesn't satisfy you, you have an option to watch the match from ANY camera view in the match! This also includes some slow motion views as well! Awesome awesomee!

What? You think that's not awesome enough? How bout a breakdown of the match then?

Mmmm that sounds about right! Perfecto!


Astro On The Go is another application that will feature all 64 matches of the FIFA World Cup. If you don't have an Astro subscription, fret not! 30 of the 64 LIVE matches will be FREE for everyone! Customers can also purchase single game on pay-per-view basis sold at RM6 each. Not too bad eh?

Think you are good at predicting goals? Don't waste your talent! Play Ola Bola Football Predictor challenge your football instinct! You can play it while watching the live match, and earn points from the game to win prizes!

Of course, there are other applications such as 'Who's side will you take' that you can use to digitally paint your face to show your support for your team and 'Astro Arena' that is a digital radio station to hear broadcasts of the matches!

Hope these applications will make your viewing much more enjoyable and convenient!

The view from Hong Dae Mun =D

 Fuleco the Armadillo! Fifa 2014's mascot. Isn't he adorable?


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