Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Great Day 天天好天 Premier screening @ Pavilion GSC

Yesterday night, I was lucky enough to get invited by my friend Kim Fong to watch this premier screening of 'Great Day', a local movie. He got 2 tickets from Nice right?

It was at GSC Pavilion. =)

We claimed the tickets here.

Just a simple synopsis and intro of the movie (source here) : 

导演:        青元
主演:        林德荣、颜江瀚,林耀明,陈志康,尹匯雰、卓卉勤、
片长:        90分钟
类型:        温馨/家庭/剧情
发行公司:        Golden Screen Cinemas
上映日期:        2011年1月13日




                Two fathers, Uncle Lim and Uncle Lam live in an old folks’ home. Uncle Lim is Hokkien while Uncle Lam is Cantonese. Apart from integral differences of different dialects (e.g. fighting over WLT and HHD), they always argue about whose children has done better and how filial piety they have been. While Uncle Lim thinks that he may have gotten cancer and don’t have much opportunities to see his children again, and aggravated by an argument, the two men decided to escape from the old folk’s home to find their children and bring back evidence so that the rest of their friends can judge whose children is better. While trying to escape, Uncle Lam hurt his leg leaving Uncle Lim to continue his journey alone......

The story is really sweet! I love the story line, the friendship between Hokkien mee and Kwong Fu Chow (correct a? O.o) even thought they always quarrel, the relationship between parents and their children, grandpa and his granddaughter and many more. It let us realize how important is the family relationship and taught us to respect and love our parents when there's still chance. There's a lot of  laughter throughout the movie as there's a lot of so-called-Malaysian joke inside it. A rojak of many languages is used too! Speaking of One Malaysia xD

Truly a must watch! And since it is a local movie, bring your family and friends to support! You'll enjoy it I promise =) Oh oh I'll definitely ask my family to watch too!

Some pictures from the movie.

I'm even more lucky that night cause one thing happened....


The director as well. He's soooo friendly! =D

Din manage to take picture with him thought. But never mind, I saw him in real life. Of course, I saw the lil girl in the movie and the 2 uncles as well. Haha I'm as happy as Happy Feet I can make sound my tapping the floor LOL Literation xD

Some media stuff going on. Oh well.

Sooo.. What are you waiting for? Go watch the movie NOW! xD


  1. 啊~~~德荣!!
    Why you so lucky de!! Unfair!! xP

  2. What unfair la.... Plain luck! no skill one!
    XCB : Next time we go win movie tickets for local movies la okay? LOL

  3. my goodness!!! you are so lucky!!! haha they were there because of the premier?

  4. Omg, they watch their own film? Naiss!!

  5. Haha yup they're there. got err media press and stuff~ But they watch the movie in a different hall thou~

  6. wow...u r so lucky ...god....huh nice movie ~