Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Everything is BIGGER in Australia - Sydney Fish market

Yeah yeah I know I've been MIA for ages again despite promising to update more frequently. But you can't really blame a stressed up girl with busy schedule right? *excuses*

Was viewing through my Sydney trip photos (reminiscing the past.. starting to feel the age kicking in actually haha) and noticed something peculiar. Why, most of my pictures are not of the beautiful sceneries, or my boy, or the gorgeous me (you're allowed to vomit, I just pretend I don't see that), but rather just everyday stuff like cans and food. Australians probably will scoff at what I did (HAH) but I'm a tourist kay? An Asian one, means I'll take picture of literally EVERYTHING that caught my attention, especially food. Experts may suggest I'm mental, but who cares? I see you don't xD

Anyway, big stuff in Aussie. Yeah. Starting with something everyone loves.

Frankly I don't get too much chances to try the Nutella so I really don't know why everyone is crazy about it. But internet people say it's nice! So it must be nice!

 I don't know about you. But I definitely can't say no to nice nice corn soup. 

Restaurants might need so much char-siu sauce. That's understandable. But why are we buying this? Haha!

 Having a break like a king. I feel sad nao that it's so hard to find these biggies here!
Never mind. Bigger portion of sweet stuff spells diabetes anyway *sour grape theory*

I think I hear you complaining about the lack of fish when my post title says 'Sydney Fish Market'. Yes I hear that! Alright alright here you go mate!

 You'll definitely meet them first before you go into the market. These bad boys are just crazy huge. Bunch of gangsters that are demanding for fresh fish. No buddy, don't touch them!

Nice view of one part of the market.

Lets kick start with something I really love.

SALMON. Fresh Atlantic Salmon that clearly have fear written on their faces saying 'Nuuuuuuuuuu Don't eat me!'
I think I just made some of you lose appetite for fresh salmon eh?

Uh. This is one big boy right there. Doesn't look that appetizing huh. 

Small friends.

Abalone! Daymn they ain't that pretty huh?

Saucer scallops. You can keep the shell as your soy sauce saucer! I'm serious! It does look big enough xD

OH. *run to get lemon slices*

Isn't this much better? A wild varieties of prawns and lobster and crabs... All in sexy red.
*wipe saliva*

Moreton Bay. Used to think this is a larger version of mantis shrimp but I think I'm just too blind to see their differences xD

So pretty! Sashimi scampi! They kinda look angry actually like constantly frowning or smth haha.

LOOK AT THAT PRICKLY THING. I will never mess with their owners if I ever come across them. Hmm maybe an exception if I see them in a restaurant. 

I think this is their cousin. In a restaurant. 

And those urchin sashimi *wipe saliva with more tissues*

But the 'product of China' there kind of kills the mood huh?

The good thing about this fish market is that there're a lot of ready to eat fresh seafood and other delicacies around!

Lots of people here will go for a set like this. Shrimps, super-nicely-battered-and-fried calamari (oh my fav! Just can't get enough! *plays music), fries, cheese baked lobster, cheese baked oyster and grilled baby octopus!

Large, fresh oysters.
I'm not a big fan of oysters, but these are really fresh!

My first time trying urchin sashimi and it's really nice!

MOAR fresh sashimi! Ohhh the fish are all so fresh! I can really taste the sweetness and mild saltiness from the sea. The fish itself have a slight firmness to it while its fat just melt in your mouth! The cod sashimi.. I don't remember liking it when I have it in Malaysia. They are usually fairly tasteless compared to salmon sashimi. Ohh die la now I have a higher expectation on sashimi already..

Didn't know these angry fellas have blue eggs =O

If you are one who needs dessert to wash down your meal, get some yoghurt! Natural yoghurt with fresh fruit toppings is just yum! 
God now my expectations towards yoghurt is higher as well =____________=

And HUGE ASS chocolate coated strawberries! And bananas. Never forget bananas xD

The shops here also sells large variety of cheese, cold cuts, honey, cookies and more local delicacies! 
The price here might be a lil high though since they mostly caters to tourists but it's really convenient too!

Okay la posting about fresh sashimi at this kind of timing made me really hungry =____________= Just ate some sushi today and have to say it was rather disappointing. Seems like most of the Japanese food chains that used to be really nice have quite a drop in their standard eh? (OR I'm really just more picky on food nao fml.)

Better hibernate. See ya!

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