Tuesday, March 25, 2014

#NuffnangIs007 - Nuffnang Birthday Bash!

Yay Nuffnang is 7 years old nao! Me and Jacqueline are lucky enough to get the license to party, and we brought Joey and Sit Muih along with us too! This year's birthday bash is held at BBQ Garden, roof top of KL Life Center. Have to be grateful that the haze's gone for now. Don't think it'll be nice eating barbeque in a hazy environment like it's not already bad
enough haha.

Have to thank Nuffnang and Uber for providing us free rides to the party! We went there with a Camry and went home with... Guess what? Alphard! All so comfy and we girls were so excited with the idea of having a personal driver lol lol. Such luxury is not something we get to enjoy everyday.

Uber is a new transport company in Malaysia that provides you with a personal driver, just with the tap of your finger tips! All charges are charged directly through your credit/debit card and you can even split fares with your friends. Hassle free huh? 

Check them out at https://www.uber.com/! And now if you register with them, just type in the promo code uwvsw and you can have RM60 off your 1st ride!

 They are also giving away rides in this gorgeous! =O

Snap away with the gorgeous car!

Since the theme of the party is James Bond: Lost in Amazon, I decided to go for a Bond Girl X Amazon Girl look. Seems like I'm the only one that made myself look like this Lol dono should feel happy or sad.

 Can't wait to start!

There are plenty of games going on and we are suppose to find the 'party killer' that had stolen Nuffnang's birthday cake. I didn't really play much of them though since I met my long lost friend at the event and decided to chat away instead lol. Forgot to take picture also haha can see how immersed I was into the conversation xD

Food food! And free flow Heineken yay!

 Ever so gorgeous Audrey! I think the last time we met was at er... Churp Out 2012? Oh god that was long!
She lose weight AFTER giving birth and look even more gorgeous now wth must fast fast ask her secret for being a super hot mama xD
And can I not look like a giant beside her?

Perfect for the theme and they taste great too!

This chabo ah I have to say very the lucky this night oh. Won the VIP tickets to Jersey Boys' musical in KL and then Brown from Line. Hao can not jelly?

So I uploaded a picture of everyone trying hard to win prizes haha!

 Lastly, our goodie bag! *saja nak show off*

 Really hope we can attend more events soon! This time must try to make more friends dy. *note to self*


  1. Lol last pic i didn't manage to take out and *SHOW OFF* lol

  2. awwwwwwwwwwwwww~~ Nice blog^.^ are you bond gal? :3 hahas~ mind visit my blog back if got time :)

    have a nice dayyyyyyy^^

    1. Nope! I'm the girl from the jungle =3 Hahaha

  3. Waaaaaaaa, i didn't even checked on the goodies bag yet!! :P

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