Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chinese New Year celebration @ Marudi Part 1 (Marudi Market Place Food)

Gong Xi Fatt Chai!

Went back to Miri on 29th night then flew to Marudi which is my birthplace + REAL hometown on 30th early morning with my youngest aunt and siblings. The flight took only
like 15 minutes? It's very near Miri and it a very small and peaceful town. Both my mum and dad grew up here too!

Since we haven took our breakfast, the 1st place we stop at is Marudi's market place, where my aunt (forgot is 2nd or 3rd aunt in the family =S) have a stall there.

1st floor of the market, all the food stalls are here =D

Aunt's stall.

Dumplings made by my aunt. They're mad yummeh! Once you bite in the soup will flow out and OMG I just have to eat this everyday when I was there xD

Other noms. Forgot the names but they're nice too! Different with what we got in Miri even thought Miri and Marudi is sooooo near.

Fried mee =O

After the oh-so-full-and-yummeh-meal, we walk to our eldest aunt's place. It's quite near actually, remember? Marudi's a small town xD

 Me and my sis's boots. I was a cave woman that day and she was from ice age LOL

 We walked...

 And walked...


 2nd picture was taken by my baby S95's poster scene =)

 Lil sis holding the tiny flower =)

In the living room. Love the lighting =)

 And ohhh! Firecrackers!

Went back to mum side granny's house after that. We stayed there for a few days until new year eve, where we stayed at dad side grandpa's place instead..

Bake cookies with youngest aunt there. Heart cookie is made by meee. Nice? =D

This lil fellow was there when I was busy playing with the dough. Lol and my sis insist I MUST take photo of it. Haha!

Reunion dinner + CNY photos soon! =D


  1. I wan "ham yu"!
    lolol hahah and that is a really long firecracker and that is a very special bug. It was correct to snap a picture of it.

  2. "ham yu"?

    Neh that's not very long d.. Got longer ones okeh? xD And oh ya, very special buggy almost died coz my lil cousin almost stepped on it thou.

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