Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sampat family gathering @ Poco Homemade, Bangsar.

This is a long time ago post. The sampat family had a reunion dinner at Poco Homemade as Shawn came back from Taiwan for Chinese New Year =) This place is actually discovered by er jie Xue Ying. There're so many reviews on blogs and it seems so cute so we decided to come here like.. immediately xD

This place is very low-profile - It does not have big signs out there so we actually missed it like.. twice. =______________= 

The interior and decorations. 

The cafe is quite small, there're not many tables inside. But it's really cozy and homey! The whole place is full of handmade things, and decorations are cuteee with a hint of vintage. I likey! =D

Oh and by the way, the mini piano can really be played! 

Cute? All handmade and for sale =D

They provide guest books and stamps for their customers to show off their creativity. Like... Show off TnT

Examples. Nais right? O.O

We wanted to show off our creativity too! But pity us we can't find any empty pages on those guest books =______________=

Da jie Jing Xuan show off her skill of drawing clarinets on angpaus O.O One too long one too short. Eb clarinet and A clarinet ><

The menu. I love the texture of the 1st menu! 

They serve Japanese food. And they'll change their dessert menu once in a while too! So nice! The down point is there's not as much choices as other places. But I don't mind it at all. We all manage to find something we like to order =)

Green tea and Poco Choco.

Chicken katsu curry rice + miso soup. Ohh my tummy's growling now TnT 

The chicken is very crispy and the curry is not bad, so they together are a very nice combination indeed. Yummmmmmmmm!

Hmmmm... (forgot name =P)

Some soba with ebi tempura (correct or not O.o). Tasted some. I like it! But if you prefer heavier seasoning this is not for you then. Very refreshing and healthy dish thou =3

Chicken katsu with fries. Yummeh! Big serving~

For their address and updates, view their blog HERE.



Red cap frenzy! I dono why my photo is repeated thou O.O


Cacat-ed angel with stupid expression and serious short-sightness. No wonder phail to be cupid. Tsk tsk tsk.

Sampat family! Papa, mama and 4 daughters! (Yes our mama is the lil kiddo in front. HAHA!)

With everyone  

Nice place for a tea with a couple of friends =)

Hope to go again soon! This time I wanna try out their desserts! =D

Before I off to bed, Xue Ying's Nike wanna say hi!

Awwwww cute isn't he? And he love me so much till errrrrr.. I think I'll just leave this topic. LOL


  1. It's a really nice place (: and it serves only japanese food?

  2. Yup japanese food only! you can actually read the menu in the 1st menu picture there xD But the desserts are not on this page thou.

  3. hey this place look nice! shall go try!

  4. Jessy : Goooo~ Very cute one! And food not bad oso!

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