Monday, March 21, 2011

Of music, sea and hot air balloons ♡

MIA for a few days and now I'm back with more picturesssss!

Part 1 - Of Music

Inti band's concert had finally come to an end. It was rather good. Even thought we didn't have enough practice (I played like shit weih TnT) and there was a lot of flaws and mistakes, but we had great fun and the audiences are very very sporting! Aww love them!

Pieces of the day :
Into the Joy of Spring
Green Hill Fantasy
You Raise Me Up (With vocal)
Endless love (With vocal)
Rondo Romantica
La Vergen Marcarena
Japanese Grafitti 8 ( The Ultraman song!)
Variation of Kitchen Sink

Encore :
Mashup of Bad Romance, Sorry Sorry and Disturbia
Chibi Maruko Chan's theme song!

Ze hall.

Moi Baby.

 Clarinet family.


 Ze band. Gracias.


Part 2 : Of Sea

Went to Port Dickson for the after concert party. Read bout PD when I was still in primary school in the text book and always wanted to go and take a look how it's like. Souuu here I'm, with the bunch of Inti band members, at PD!

The bungalow.  Don look at it with that expression will you? It's quite okay, with plenty of rooms and beds! I think I can put more than 40 people inside if they don't mind squeezing!

The sea, beach and banana boat.

The place is actually not as nice as it seems in picture (Maybe is just my skill is too good. LOL joking!) The beach is quite dirty, with muddy sea water, occasional floating snack packets and even one fresh water fish (wth is it doing here? It's half dead when it swam past us. Omg made me jump out of my skin again. =_________________=)

But those are still fine, because what made our life colourful is who you're being with!

Great friends to play with!

And not sou great ABC.

Aishhh cloudy! I think it's going to rain!

The monkey-catch-the-ball game. And I was stuck at being one of the monkey. For like forever. GOSH! =______________=

And water volleyball! Which surprisingly I CAN HIT THE BALL! Omg omg omg I think some of Joey's and Jac's athletic gene goes into me that's why @@

The all time favourite among guys. Off-with-his-pants prank.

Another case. Tsk tsk tsk.

Hot guys setting up the bbq stuff. 

And we bbq-ed...


LOL joking!This is one lucky hammie that can follow it's mistress to PD for a vacation. 

Midnight mamak.

Legendary super moon who's doing a solo that night. It's not bigger or what. But it seems brighter. Hmm. Maybe it an illusion. Or maybe I had transformed into a werecat right at that moment. Just that I din realize that I keep meow-ing. 

Last meal before leaving. Egg mayo sandwich.


Part 3 - Of Hot Air Balloons

Went to Putrajaya for the hot air balloon fiesta. Thanks Victor for the ride!

The weather was rather bad. Very cloudy, not good for a noob like me to take decent photos! And there're not much hot air balloons to see too. What a disappointment! 

Grey sky with raising balloons.

*We must stick together!* Cute formation.

Very 'fiercy' fire. I can feel the heat from so far. Ouch. Imagine I'm in the hot air balloon. I think I have to shut my eyes to prevent my contact lenses from melting like ice cream.

Cheat one for the kids.

The terrifying Tigger. Why is it terrifying? Because...

*I'm going to eat 'em all then YOU GOT NO MORE HOT AIR BALLOONS TO SEE! Muahaha!*

 Putrajaya spaceship is going to crash into the sun! THEY'RE GOING TO CRASH!


2 Real one with a kiddo cheat one.

 *My camera can let your skin look soooo smooth and pimpleless!* 
*Maybe that just because the photo is blur* 
Bleh. No cool caption. Out of words dy.

And The Emo Cool Guy with his companion, The Umbrella. As in The Rock. The. Beside The Road.

Danny, Jack, Victor, Jeff.


The End.

P.s. Hao come my haus got sou many lizards one???


  1. wah got bad romance n sorry sorry oh! nice...
    this year I didnt got to panas udara belon... hmmm...

  2. haha great post ♥
    I'm glad you didn't eat that cute little animal!!! it's so small and fluffy ♥

    That..."tiger"...looks...really creepy. That expression....wth is wrong with him?

  3. Henry : Hmm how come you din go this time? hmm

    Mutsumi : Hahaha of coz i don eat it! It's sou cute!
    Yeah the tiger. So weird. I don like! But maybe the weather's not good they don put much balloons up in the air. Or else we can see doraemon!

  4. And the upside down balloon. LOL. missed it. These 2 caught my attention. Darth Vader I saw it last year already. LOL

  5. Vic : I saw nothing b4 lo TnT

  6. Nvm, next year we go again. Hope next year the weather will be good though. And make sure I bring an extra body for you. Or maybe you have 1 already. LOL

  7. Actually that beach looks really clean in pictures. I have seen worst

  8. Vic : Wah u think i so rich mer @@

    Stephanie : Really? Like where?

  9. wahh, such a long post :D
    We must find one day go PD <3