Wednesday, November 10, 2010

KLpac Symphonic Band BIG & BRASSY Concert!

Hey guys! It's been a long time. I'd been rather busy with all kinds of stuff these days. One of them is this coming KLpac Symphonic Band Big and Brassy concert!

You must be wondering what is this. Here, see this poster.

This coming Saturday and Sunday at KL Performing Arts Centre! Comeeeeeeee to support yea! I'll be performing with my band mates there,conducted by Mr Nonami (Yippy!) and Mr Bruce Lee (No joke), and together with us Tsun Jin High School Choir will perform a few nice songs xD

We'll play a variety of band songs, from pop, movie sound track, marches, latino all the way back to classicals! 

For your information :

KLpac Symphonic Band Big & Brassy Concert
Venue : KLpac Pentas 1
Date & Time : 13th (Sat) 8.30pm, 14th (Sun) 3pm
Price : RM23 for students & RM35 for adults! 

P.s. Those who're NOT students anymore but hoping to get student price tickets, send me a message @ my FB only available TODAY!

Just comeeeeee! You can have a very relaxing and enjoyable weekend here! Those who'd been here will know. See the scenery (very nostalgic buildings and nice lake and greens), feed some duck / tortoise / fish then watch the concert. Why not?

Some very random pictures below.  =)

My sweetheart.

  After practice~

 Song yeu gor gor is such a poser. HAHA! With my da jie Jing xuan~

 The scenery~

 And our duckies!


  1. Wah, busy wor..need exam and practice together..Jiak lat. ><''
    All the best ya!