Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Music Exchange Concert

I forgot to bring my card reader back to Miri! Can't upload my pictures to my laptop =S Plus really busy helping my parents in their shop and taking care my grandma at the hospital so I'm not exactly free to think what to write here >< Tired!

Anyway, I stole some pictures of the Music Exchange Concert from my friends on Facebook~ I'll just share them here =)

The whole orchestra + band with PESS Band's conductor Ng Huck Aik. Lots of people right?

How can we forget to take photos with our dear friends?


Me and da jie Jing Xuan!

Er jie Xue Ying, me and da jie Jing Xuan~

Still us, plus Chris! Da jie's ham jv shao ==" Really speechless...

Us! Plus Danny, Tian Kuan, Kim Fong and Hao Tian~

Same gang again! Plus Brian, Chee Yan, errrr the tube player (Sorry I dono your name!), Jene (Is this your name? I can't really remember =S) and Chern Lin!
We Love taking photosss! That's why the number of people trying to get their face into the picture's getting more and more xD

Ah~ Of course, how can I forget this??

Shawn! You are not forgotten! We love you~ x) Come back earlier la! Miss ya d lah~


  1. wow!! i'm very surprise vf the last photo!!! haha!!! xiao mei u r so good!!

  2. waaa so cool you play in a orchestra...
    nice blog ^^ eventhou i cant read the chinese parts...

  3. omg!!! it's meeeeeeeee!!!!!!!1 <3 <3 <3


  4. Justin : Thanks! xD I don't post too much chinese post la. Awkward leh!
    Shawn : Happy lea~ xD

  5. Hi dear :)
    Good luck in the contest hehe!